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  1. ClydeChristopher

    Episode 14 — Staind Glass

  2. ClydeChristopher

    Episode 14 — Staind Glass

    I love to think of the poor Stained band member that is a fan of CBB and Parks n Rec and listens to this.
  3. ClydeChristopher

    Episode 21 — Nick Thune, Our Close Friend

    Jon, what was your first big purchase once you'd made it in tinsel town?
  4. ClydeChristopher

    Episode 18 — Lamorne Morris, Our Close Friend

    Mr. Thune, What's your biggest takeaway from making it in Tinseltown?
  5. ClydeChristopher

    Episode 15 — Shelby Fero, Our Close Friend

    Grace, Whats the best way to put the "me" in the "you"tube?
  6. ClydeChristopher

    Episode 14 — Brian Huskey, Our Close Friend

    Max Greenfield, "When I come out to Hollywood, whats the best way to let those in the industry know that I came for business as well as pleasure?"
  7. Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang
  8. ClydeChristopher

    Episode 13 — Andy Daly, Our Close Friend

    When is Hollywood Handbook Best of 2013 coming out?
  9. ClydeChristopher

    Episode 7 — Ellie Kemper, Our Close Friend

    Damien, If I want to get noticed by producers and studios, what can I do to make their jaws drop?
  10. ClydeChristopher

    Episode 7 — Ellie Kemper, Our Close Friend

    yeah, jive turkeys. #70sThanksgiving
  11. ClydeChristopher

    Episode 6 — Paul Rust, Our Close Friend

    Hey guys. Thanks for addressing my question during this weeks popcorn gallery. I wish I could say nothing but good things about the show this week but I think we as fans need to address some of the language used at the end of the show. First, am I going to use your advice about twitter.com? Yes. Is it already working for me? Yes. I'm already making stacks on stacks and for this I and my family (and my kids orthodontist ) thank you. However I think you needs to understand that when us fans send in questions to the popcorn gallery it's a huge deal for us. I had my entire family over last night to sit around and listen just in case you guys were going to help me in my career in entertainment...and then as we are sitting in the afterglow of your advice that's when Pault Rush and Sean starting talking so terribly nasty. Hayes, thank you for keeping your composure and ending the show. Now I am positive an apology will be coming this Tuesday but unfortunately none of them are going to hear it as they all now refuse to listen to the show. So my question is this, could you guys (for the fans) make it a point of stopping by TMZ, Hollywood Edition or The Today and publicly apologize? Hayes I know you are hella busy with your own projects so maybe Sean could do us a solid and clean up this mess. Also, how do I make my dramas have more actions without going too far? Thank you guys
  12. ClydeChristopher

    Episode 5 — Paul F. Tompkins, Our Close Friend

    We all know that Malcom is in the middle but isn't in whats is in the middle of Malcom that really matters in this business?
  13. ClydeChristopher

    Episode 5 — Paul F. Tompkins, Our Close Friend

    What's the best social media for getting my projects to reach sky high?