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  1. lots of pix show him slouching a lot while carrying that cross so i'm gonna say he was Guilt Ridden Christ enBale from The Maine Machine Man
  2. keep christmas in christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. burjz


    my faves: #323 - pie quiz w/tears for fears #324 - golden duchess cruise lines #327 - bang bang into your mouth #338 - be my guest, literally #342 - a silicon valley p-cast #355 - kid detectives #362 - romantig #373 - vocal fry #377 - good night in the morning #378 - mailer daemon thomas middleditch was the MVP of the year i think
  4. burjz

    EPISODE 380 β€” A Colinary Journey

    not to sound like a cranky butt, but this ep was almost exhausting to listen to. kinda wish it was just hanx/EDM or walsh/huskey?? homme was raring to go with them jokes, tho. also foam corner <3 (the most exhausting ep of this season tho was that one with the Arphon Black people. 2 many jokes per min, i couldn't breathe from the laffs)
  5. burjz

    EPISODE 381 β€” Kitchen Stand-Up

    scott and anthony ganging up on nathan in the first segment was delighting me to no end, i love how frustrated/giggly nathan sounded. the best. also drew tarver was very delightful! scott seemed really into his doofy charac. great ep, tbh.
  6. burjz

    EPISODE 362 β€” RomanTig

    scott's weird comment about holding the engagement ring with tongs made me laugh so so hard, holy crap
  7. man, it's funny how much of a negative reaction I had to Middleditch when I saw the premiere of Silicon Valley last year, but am now completely enamored by him and how much of a funny maniac he is irl. he's just so uncomfortably awkward that show. love it now, great show, C+ have a feeling this ep will be one of my top faves of the year. so silly and fun!!
  8. burjz

    Episode BO2014.3 β€” Best of 2014 Pt 3

    holy crap, how could i have forgotten scott's incredible character of dabney the caricature artist. my face hurts all over again
  9. burjz

    Best of 2014: Stump for favorite episodes here!

    holy crap, i totally didn't know that was him in harold and kumar! OF COURSE!!
  10. somehow missed this ep when it first came out but good lord, joe wengert's pathetic, weak voice made my face hurt. what a treasure.
  11. burjz

    Best of 2014: Stump for favorite episodes here!

    i'm losing my mind over trying to boil down a top ten but worth mentioning that i remember adomian's george w. bush in ep 290 really made me laugh super hard