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  1. Sure space is the final frontier but did you know face is the spinal top tier
  2. Moving back in with your parents is a great way to save money, so is not spending any.
  3. Recycling is good for the world, Bicycling is good for my glutes
  4. Life isn't about avoiding the storm it's about learning to Dance With The Stars, Tuesdays at 8 on ABC
  5. Dr. Drew, Dr. Dre, Dr. Dr. give me the news!
  6. The "fasten your seatbelt" sign has been turned on and so have I, I have an attraction to instructive signs.
  7. My bologna has a first name but he likes to keep it formal so please call him Mr. Meyers.
  8. spinney


    At least for me at this moment, when I download something it disappears when I close the app. So I download the night before for the car ride in the morning and when I go to listen to it in the car the download is gone...meaning I have to use up precious data.
  9. spinney


    First things first! I love that I am able to support a network I love with money so they can grow and do more things. I don't mind them putting things behind a paywall, or really many of the changes. I would like to use whatever app I liked to listen but I can manage. However I am quite confused at how such a poor product (the app, not the service) was allowed to be released. The web app is beyond a joke. No audio scrubbing/seeking, no volume control (other than mute). This is like Netflix introducing their streaming service at launch with no way to fast forward or choose a spot in the movie. Now that we are paying customers I expect a product that reflects that. Right now Howl on both iOS and the web are severely lacking compared to the interfaces earwolf was using before (soundcloud,itunes, etc). So I am paying now and get a worse product? Kinda seems like this launch was rushed and will alienate lots of listeners because of that. I hope this didn't come off as too mean because I am a genuinely huge fan of pretty much everything you guys do.