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    Episode 184.5 - Minisode 184.5

    Yeah, that's a movie that I thought was supposed to be good. But it's 32% on Rotten Tomatoes, so maybe not. "Critics Consensus: Naomi Watts and Robin Wright give it their all, but they can't quite make Adore's trashy, absurd plot believable." I'm just wondering if it'll be a studio episode for a change. I miss the studio episodes.
  2. HotSaucerman

    The Season 2 Teaser Episode

    2014 was a great year for podcasting. Good to see one of the reasons returning to our ears!
  3. BALL POINT! BALL POINT! BALL POINT! Sorry, I have a penchant for pen chants.
  4. HotSaucerman

    Episode 2 - Game Shows

    Kinda wish they'd read some wikipedia articles about these shows before trying to talk about them...
  5. HotSaucerman

    Episode 1 - The First One

    I hope when they start digging deeper into specific topics that they'll go back and rewatch some of the stuff.
  6. HotSaucerman

    Episode 174.5 - Minisode 174.5

    What's next week's movie?
  7. HotSaucerman

    Episode 174 - Jason X: LIVE!

    Based on Jason's reaction to Paul reading the synopses of the the previous Friday the 13th films, it makes me wish they would do some bonus episodes where they watch all the Friday the 13th movies and discuss them. Maybe like for Stitcher Premium or something.
  8. HotSaucerman


    Listened to the first episode on Howl. Loved it. It's like a quick 30 minute dose of NNF with a game that keeps it moving.
  9. HotSaucerman

    Episode 172 - The Last Dragon: LIVE!

    Listening to the episode: They're talking about a lot of details that I don't remember from the movie. This movie was so boring, despite the occasional cheesy goodness.
  10. HotSaucerman

    Episode 172 - The Last Dragon: LIVE!

    Did Sho-Nuff remind anyone else of Deon Cole?
  11. HotSaucerman

    Episode 171.5 - Minisode 171.5

    so, what's next week's movie?
  12. I'm gonna have to listen to this.... in a well.
  13. Thor had trouble unlocking the door because Loki had low key put a low keyhole on it.
  14. I eat Bazooka Joe laxatives for shits and giggles.
  15. HotSaucerman

    Episode 486 - Schwimm On In

    How is this episode not called "Too Close for Cumfart"? I guess it looks gross in the iTunes maybe.
  16. Paul! You just revealed the previous episode's guests! You didn't direct to us to howl.fm where hours of listening pleasure await us! [breathes heavily into a paper bag, hoping the world will soon make sense again]
  17. I also turned it off because of that sniffing. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't a podcast where the microphone is directly in front of the nose.
  18. HotSaucerman

    Episode 159.5 - Minisode 159.5

    What's next week's movie?
  19. HotSaucerman

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    Well, they didn't have the internet back then.
  20. "What's your birthday?" "Capricorn." "...listen to the question."
  21. https://www.youtube....Pardcast/videos Hit that link and you'll find a lot of good videos from season 13. The entire Patton Oswalt episode is up. And most of the other videos are 30 minutes or longer.
  22. Episodes older than 6 months are gone from Soundcloud. That's pretty sad, in my opinion. I jumped onto CBB a few years ago, then had a great time going through the back catalog and listening my way up through those episodes and learning all these characters and recurring jokes. I feel bad for anybody just starting to get into CBB or just wants to try it out. No Time Bobby's for you. No Cake Boss(cakeboss) or Don Dimello or Huell Howser. No Marissa Wompler, so why would you even bother listening to Womp it Up? You wanna hear Bob Ducca sing Wrecking Ball? Pay up. OH! But you don't even know who Bob Ducca is, do ya, new listener?
  23. Jessica AND Mary? Comedy crushes colliding!
  24. HotSaucerman

    Best of 2016 Pt. 3

    What if PFT was an imaginary person?