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    Please call me Woody.
  1. WoodrowHayseed

    Episode 455 - The Washington Monugents Reunite

  2. WoodrowHayseed

    EPISODE 392 - The Holiday Womptacular

    Breaking News: Alopecia-stricken Pittsburgh teen, Matt Yanni now leading polls for GOP nomination. Said Yanni, "I'm racist. Just get'm out of my town. We got to build that wall." Yanni 2016 "Hey Babsy"
  3. WoodrowHayseed

    EPISODE 384 — Numbers Cannot Lie

    That rendition of the anthem rests comfortably sandwiched between Meat Loaf's and Whitney's and made me misty.
  4. WoodrowHayseed

    EPISODE 345 — Shifting Bouncy

    Maybe it's me, but for me Kyle Bornheimer had some serious milk throat voice going on this episode. You could hang ten on the phlegmy waves striking my eardrums.
  5. WoodrowHayseed

    Episode 323 — Pie Quiz with Tears for Fears

    This might be a little early and expose me for the softy I am, but I know what I'm thankful for this year - Pie Emper...Minister. I meant Minister. (Pie Minister!)
  6. WoodrowHayseed

    Episode 206 — Career Killing Commercials

    Maybe it's me, but for me I think Eddie Pepitone's laugh and voice would make for a great Joker voice in an animated series.
  7. WoodrowHayseed

    Episode 321 — Big Fat Voice

    When I saw Mookie was on the show, I hoped a different character would appear. Which character? I'll never tell... Hehe
  8. Don't fake the funk on a nasty Monk. Tony Shaloub that is.
  9. I just went back and listened to 103 CBB 2nd Anniversary with Clive Dundee. Andy Daly is the best. I was hoping Clive would make an appearance on PPProject but a guest spot on here would be great. He's got a fucking lawsuit on!
  10. WoodrowHayseed

    Episode 278 — Only Tones

    I'm pretty sure Russell Crowe was a character from that British guy Mark Strong. But I could be wrong.
  11. Everyone should check out Dan on the latest Doug Loves Movies (http://douglovesmovies.com/) bringing his Mark Wahlberg. It's hilarious and the other guests are blown away by the awesomeness.
  12. WoodrowHayseed

    Jason Wrote Ride Along?

    I just noticed Mantzoukas was a screenwriter on Ride Along. Nicely done having the #1 movie at the box office. I think the Nundercover trilogy is in good hands.
  13. WoodrowHayseed

    Episode 266 — The Calvins Twins