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  1. EndreBråthen

    We will miss you Harris

    Thus is is just so sad. I'm floored, and I didn't even know him. My thoughts go out to those who did.
  2. Guys, enough with the planking. it's dangerous!
  3. EndreBråthen

    Episode 309 — Tony Macaroni

    Claudia O'doherty is funny as s
  4. My flow retarded, got my swagger on stupid and vocabulary on curtains
  5. Thats like an Ed Wood Allen Poe eh... song.
  6. I'm Ku Ku, this is my wee wee... Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang
  7. Hey, did you ever notice how hard it used to be to get porn, compared to now? What else? What else? It's the airplane food of the teens so far.
  8. somewhere a tough guy and a nerd is bonding over their ornamental catanas
  9. I've been trying to introduce my theaterloving mother to podcasting.
  10. I might like you, but I'm probably just bored
  11. I bet Justin Biebers grapes are ripe for plucking. Am I right, boys?
  12. I'm Scott, tis the show, I have guests. Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang
  13. Leslie Bibb, Chris Tucker, sitcom, Bibb n Tucker. This has been CCB