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  1. Hogwarts? More like Scott-Sharts
  2. Hello? Hey, Scott! I'm here! Do you hear me? This isn't funny anymore. Are you hearing this? HELLO!!!! Please! Why won't you answer me? Can you? Can anyone? Am I completely and totally alone? Scott?!? I'm not a religious man, and I swore I wouldn't bargain with God on my deathbed, but my penis is stuck under this boulder and I'm not sure I'm going to make it.
  3. TeddyMonacelli

    Great Spider Joke

    Here's a popular spider joke: How many spiders have broken Taylor Swift's Heart? The answer: Ah, like a million!
  4. Don't go breaking my fart. You couldn't if you tried. Scratch that, it done broke.
  5. Hi-yah! Kick! Hi-yah! Why can't I beat you Menopause?!?
  6. "It's a zoo out there," says the jaded zoo keeper