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    Books, TV, and breast augmentations on men.
  1. LilyWilliams

    Submit your UTU2TM? t-shirt designs here!

    Hopefully I got the pronunciation on this right. Achtung...bebé? Bay-bee?
  2. LilyWilliams

    No New Episode This Week?

    It's coming out tomorrow to coincide with the release of Weird Al's new album. They're gonna be premiering some songs on the show.
  3. LilyWilliams

    No New Episode This Week?

    Can't wait for the Vicar of Yanks's triumphant return. Maybe a little Dame Sir ALW to accompany him?
  4. LilyWilliams

    Who Charted paid episodes?

    Hey guys! Currently working on a Who Charted wiki and I was wondering whether or not anyone had access to any paid episodes of Who Charted and would be willing to tell me the guests and release dates of that episode! Thanks.