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  1. LTL

    Episode 225.5 - Minisode 225.5

    Body of Evidence is an awful 90s sex thriller...who has sex on broken light bulbs!
  2. LTL

    Episode 222.5 - Minisode 222.5

    Disclosure comes across real gross in 2019 ...and Demi Moore like an insane person
  3. I did not enjoy this movie...I hated it. I don't get the fun they had. The fast movies are at least fun
  4. LTL

    Episode 221.5 - Minisode 221.5

    Unforgettable is so awful and Katherine Heigl character is so pathetic. ...and I find it grotesque one woman would prey another woman to an abusive man as a plot point. This is the first time I'm actually offended by a movie.
  5. Team Sanity know we're right and are open to hearing Team Fred opinion...but Team Fred is condescending and have no time for Team Sanity that "doesn't get it" .. also Team Fred it's time to grow up and let it go ....we are NOT our child selves. We have rent mortgages children bills responsibilities. I liked this film as a kid HATE as an adult.
  6. This movie doesn't hold up i thought i loved it as a kid ...now i hate it i hate her i hate fred. Team Mom!
  7. LTL

    Episode 217.5 - Minisode 217.5

    Deadfall was awful not even fun ...just AWFUL...Michael Biehn is very attractive that's the best I can say.
  8. LTL

    Episode 215.5 - Minisode 215.5

    After years of saying it's a Jacob Ladder's scenario ...it's some kind of bullshit Jacob's Ladder scenario. This is awful.
  9. LTL

    Episode 215.5 - Minisode 215.5

    I'm not sure if June will ever forgive Paul for Serenity. It's ROUGH
  10. I want to log in to say I LOVE MADONNA ...and none of this is her fault.
  11. I miss when June isn't there; Jason becomes so extra .. extra!
  12. Poor Ben Blacker was steamrolled in this.. did he say 10 words
  13. This episode was just them yelling the whole time ..they didn't even get into the plot. I prefer when they at least go through the beats of movie. Instead this was just Jason Bryan and Erin screaming for 2 hours. Disappointing.
  14. I watched the longer version with the bumpers at beginning andn the end ... so I was expecting time travel or tie in to future/present somehow. Also do to some odd dialogue by the couple at the end I thought .. wait what after all this did you guys come here to BREAK UP?!! A must watch.
  15. LTL

    Episode 206.5 - Minisode 206.5

    Clearly I watched the longer version with the Chines archeologist bumpers .. Erin Drake said exactly the same thing btw when showed the clip in studio " wait did they just break up" LOL