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  1. Dr. Airdrums

    What's up horndog?

    A new twist on an old fave
  2. Say it ain't so, I will not go, you can't make me, I'm an adult, you're not even my real dad!
  3. Saw this monstrosity in high school with some buddies, one of who disappeared for the first ~40 minutes of the movie. We later learned he was locked in a fierce battle with his intestines, crapping his brains out, and still preferred that to the remaining 90 minutes of the movie.
  4. Dr. Airdrums

    Unsolicited T-Shirt Ideas

    Frienda Theshow
  5. Lets's give thanks for my new Spanx
  6. Dr. Airdrums

    Episode 264 - Flula Borg, Our Format Friend

    Welcome to Vierwolf
  7. It takes two to tango but one to YOLO
  8. Hold that fart it's time to start!
  9. You think you're a big shot, singing along to popular music? Like I karaoke
  10. Doctor Doctor! Give me the news! I've got a bad case of the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu