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  1. Sobe or not Sobe, I don't want mine toasted
  2. WhatsApp™ Hotnong. Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang, thanks to Podney Dangerfield, wonderful catchphrase.
  3. teedle

    HOWL Premium, HOWL Originals, HOWL.FM

    Don't remember where to put feature requests or if suggested already buuut . . . I think it would be cool if Howl had a little "recommend for featured" button on every Earwolf archive episode (not originals). And then a free feed of like 10 or so most voted for episodes that are refreshed every month/week or something. This could be awesome for both people looking to buy Howl and people already subscribed because the Earwolf catalogue is enormous and daunting (and who doesn't like a lil curated list of greapisodes).
  4. I get no respect . . . from Koalas
  5. kaich . . . kaich . . . kaich? . . . kaich . . . kaich? . . .
  6. I like beers like lager, that's the kind of beer I like.
  7. The outback is a gorgeous place, I had the shrimp
  8. What makes a Tic Notaro Tig?
  9. Now in theaters: Bad Gram Gram, it's totally wrong, but in a naughty way.
  10. teedle

    Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

    Just watched this, it's perfect for this podcast I think. An absolute crazy mess