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  1. You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take him to countries with extradition treaties with the United States
  2. A New Duck

    25 - Chronic Town

    We truly live in blessed times. It's a joy to have this podcast in my life. Can't wait for me. Also loving that because I know very little about R.E.M., I got to the end of this episode legitimately not actually knowing the band member names.
  3. How much chuck would a chuck could cood if a chuck could wood could chuck?
  4. The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world to pull his finger
  5. Over the river and through the woods, to a place that's over the river and through the woods we go
  6. An absolute delight. Richard Kind's the most affable sort of guy. I'm a longtime fan. And he played so well with the room. I don't think he realizes how often he said "fuck." I'm saving this one for a relisten real soon. At first, I was expecting a sort of Paul Reiser situation, where Reiser--and that was a great episode--is kind of ambivalent and hostile to the whole podcast thing, making a lot of jokes about how he's nervous nobody knows he's there and how he can't wait to be set free. But Kind was totally the opposite. New dream NNF might be Reiser and Kind on as guests together. I know that's not the show's MO, but it sounds like paradise.
  7. A New Duck

    Episode 403 - This Ain't Now, This is Then

    This was a little slice of heaven. If we're not going to get another run of UTU2TM, I hope Scott can come on the podcast a little more frequently. Loved the character guests, too. Really did a great job. For real, though, I could've listened to that first segment go on for another three hours easy. When they were talking about however holes within the first six minutes, I felt like I was back home. When U2's new album's release date approaches, I hope they might consider--schedules permitting--doing another run of four or six episodes leading up to it. They could run the outtakes of the interview, talk the HBO special to us, have Andy Daly on, bring in Kulap and Naomi, look at music videos or best ofs, and bring back another assortment of former guests. There's more U2 to talk! And it could get them in the habit of Talkin' '2 before Experience drops. Starving for a Harry Potter update. (I'd suggest a commentary on the commentary episode, but that doesn't seem quite right anymore.) Or just have Adam on CBB a bunch. I'll take that. They even brought in subpodcasts!
  8. A New Duck

    Episode 270 - Government Names

    Love me some Randall Park. Really fun episode, especially that first segment. One thing that frustrates me about the video game charts is they always focus on upcoming games. Not only does nobody in the room care, even if they did, they wouldn't even have had a chance to play them. I'd like it if they'd save the games charts for when Kumail or Emily or someone who cares is on. Or ditch them altogether. The charts are supposed to be a jumping-off point for conversation, for sure, but when they're just background signposts to hit on a disitnerested conversation, I think the show'd be better served if they'd leave games behind and focus on movies and TV.
  9. The moment where the Scotts set up their classic rewind-the-tape bit and it gets steamrolled by Todd Glass screaming for 3 minutes about not-knowing-the-title-to-Downeaster-Alexa-so-fuck-you to the Scott's bewildered bemusement is so, so, so good.
  10. I hope this isn't just a bug, isn't just a (worthy) sort of re-release and promotion of one of the all-time best podcast episodes of all time, but is instead a tease for something Nu2Me.
  11. A New Duck

    Episode 268 - Slime Wrestling

    Honest answer - no. You're not going to like him anymore than his last appearance.
  12. A New Duck

    Episode 269 - Friend Ships

    This episode was a positive joy to listen to. Amazing hosting from both Kulap and Stard, and just a really awesome chemistry between all three people on the show. Loved this.
  13. No way. Not only do I think it couldn't possibly be true. It would actually be kind of a bummer. A lot of the joy is listening to these two genuinely geeking out.
  14. A New Duck

    EPISODE 260 — OLO!!!

    The version of the intro with Stard only runs when Stard is actually on the episode.
  15. Today, I will be performing the surgery attended by Nurses Scalpel, Scissors, Forceps, and Towel. This could get confusing.