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  1. Whhaaaaattt?!!!?? Did they just drop an ep out of nowhere? God damn, it's so nice to see Scott and Scott get back together for a UTU2TM? anniversary tour. It's been so long. It's been.
  2. Bever Hopox

    Episode 275 - Webisode Camp

    Kulap - Do you like the rough ryders? Howard - What's that? Kulap - DMX - Horatio- Teddy Roosevelt
  3. This week's show is brought to you by the upcoming summer smash hit: Lil' Romeo and Juliet -"Look, Lil' Romeo, she's not from our side of the tracks, son ya see?" -"Na fuck that dad, Imma Master P."
  4. Bever Hopox

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    I don't have words for what just happened today. B-
  5. Bever Hopox

    EPISODE 366 — Cafeteriapalooza

    Good show this week Scott.