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    Comedy, Video Games, Anime, Information in general. Seriously, I like all sorts of shit. I don't know to what degree socializing on the Earwolf forum is a thing. So Hi-Ho irrelevant interest list.
  1. PhoenixSunMarino-Ramer

    Not a catchphrase, but a message to fellow catchphrase posters.

    I didn't really phrase that clearly, I apologize I shall rectify that now. I had meant that more in the sense of it being obvious in hindsight. By which I mean, I easily observed some of the things you're talking about, but didn't process that information in the context of actually writing catchphrases for the show. So your post of rules provided the framework for instant recall of all the times I had noticed these things but not attributed any significance to them.
  2. Along an Abditive Abature an Abraxis Abbozzo Appears, I Absquatulated
  3. Elegizing Ermines Enter Erratic Erotic Electrotonus
  4. PhoenixSunMarino-Ramer

    Not a catchphrase, but a message to fellow catchphrase posters.

    He's got the post industrial revolution ethos when it comes to catchphrase writing.
  5. Sing me the song of the Loquat and the Larroquette
  6. PhoenixSunMarino-Ramer

    Not a catchphrase, but a message to fellow catchphrase posters.

    Well said. Seems clear enough. I'm a total newbie at this, some of your list is obvious from observation, some of it is great insight, all of it is helpful. It's a fun writing exercise doing these catchphrases and I look forward to competing with you gentlemen for time in the mouth of Aukerman.
  7. Space-age couple, why don't you flex your magic muscle? Space-age couple, why do you hex your magic muscle? I don't know if Beefheart lyrics really count as a catchphrase but what the hell. I have nothing to lose. I'm a man on the edge!
  8. I desperately want to prove I'm funny, pick my catchphrase so that I may bask in my few seconds of dim recognition before returning to my dank cave and feeding on the various mosses I've cultivated in my advanced troglodyte moss farming system.
  9. I've caught this phrase and now I'm setting it free. Goodbye phrase!
  10. Hello. I am Scott Aukerman. This is Comedy Bang Bang. That was a catchphrase.
  11. PhoenixSunMarino-Ramer

    A new PFT show?!

    Regardless of whatever it IS, what it should be is a Werner Herzogcast. Probably, I dunno. That's what I want to see anyway. Er, hear. Werner has the most potential for a podcast. CBB/current Affirmation Nation style with WH as show runner? Podcast where PFHerzog talks about movies? There are limitless possibilities, one would assume. I could only think of those two with the cursory effort I put into it though.
  12. Which bank numbers man? I can just start telling you numbers that remind me of any old bank number of mine and maybe they'll be the numbers you'll need. But if we want to get shit done; we need to get a bank number type so I can plug something into my Exchangerino Machine! I mean, are we talking pin number? Card Number? Routing Number? Address of my nearest bank? Telephone number for my bank of choice's headquarters? I could give you the world, baby but you need to be more specific.
  13. Aww man! I can get away with one longer than the topic title? This changes everything!
  14. Today on CBB, silicate creatures create harsh soundwaves by grinding their tentacles together. Your CBB Podbangarang will translate into your language