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  1. The big question is: when does this episode go behind the paywall? I've got it fo a year, right?


    It may not be the funniest but it's one of the most historic! The evolution of culture (or content/art whatever you call it) is super interesting and moments like these shed light on its machinations.

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  2. Enjoying this episode, and saw a high comment count so was curious as to what was going on. Turns out a lot of back and forth over some people's desire for attention. Shame.


    Yes free speech, yes the internet. However, this is very clearly a close knit 'community' based forum of (I like to think) open minded liberal types, and fans of the show (which I like to think is an open minded, liberal sort of show).


    Bearing that in mind, I guess loudly deriding one of the guests of said show with strong and insulting language in said forum is no doubt going to cause a bit of a stir, no? Besides, the more you swear and state your opinions as 'facts', the less weight any opinions you have might hold (isn't comedy a subjective artform?), and the more obvious it is that you were trying to stir shit up rather than voice an opinion as part of a community discussion.


    So enjoy the 5 minutes of drama and the resulting lack of a shit anyone else gives in the long run, as well as having no effect whatsoever on the show runners' choices.


    I'm not saying these forums should be optimism only, but there's a line between criticism and bull-horning. You know, it is possible to have an interesting intellectual debate on these forums about whatever you want.

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  3. Bumping this as it has to be THE film that begs the question HDTGM. It's up there with The Room in absurdity, probably moreso. How the hell did they get some of the cast members, including Jeffrey Tambor, Max Von Sydow and Leelee Sobieski? Why are there constantly strange editing tricks and gimmicks that are trying to be clever but are just completely out of place and irrelevant? Not to mention 'What the hell is going on?'.


    It's like Jodorowsky meets Philip K. Dick meets a 16 year old marketing student.


    Going deeper it seems like there's probably some attempt at social commentary regarding captalism (it was produced by both America and Russia). But whatever's there is lost in the insanity.