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  1. Muenster Mash

    EPISODE 252 — The Mugging Mugger

    Oof I usually love Armen episodes but, oof
  2. Muenster Mash

    Episode 1602 - Andy Daly

    Yeah, I was coming in here to say the same thing. Cracked up hard listening to this "What are you waiting for? A Hot dog?"
  3. Muenster Mash

    EPISODE 221 — A Tribute To Harris Wittels

    Oh man, thanks a lot for sharing this. Really lovely tribute. It's really nice to hear these examples of you guys having a great time together and hearing Harris crack up.
  4. Muenster Mash

    Motherfuckers wanna laugh.

    Never going to forget those god damn words
  5. Muenster Mash

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Incredibedly thankful to Scott for posting this episode up