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  1. I'm still in too!
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    The Silence of the Lambs

    I did a quick search and it's wikipedia entry made it sound like it never actually stopped showing until October of 1991, but that almost seems impossible for a movie to stay in theaters that long! The exact quote is: "The Silence of the Lambs was released on February 14, 1991, grossing $14 million during its opening weekend. At the time it closed on October 10, 1991, the film had grossed $131 million domestically with a total worldwide gross of $273 million." But either way it seems like your memory is correct!
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    *He* makes it about gender though. And anyway, you commented on a comment that was a reply to my comment that has to do with the gender politics of the concept so
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    Austin, TX show announced! Tix drop tomorrow!!

    I received this email and got SO EXCITED! Until I saw that date and then I cried because I have a shoot I would've also been driving in from Dallas so I suggest Paul, Jason, and June open up their Texas cities to include us in the North lol.
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    Not enough to dress like a woman and expect there to be more work *because* you are a woman.
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    Ooooh I just finally listened to the episode and Paul you made a ginormous error! Roz was NOT on RuPaul's Drag Race! She's definitely quality enough to be on the show but she's never been a contestant!
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    I guess I worded my statement wrong because I don't have a misunderstanding of why he does it, that's pretty clear to me. I have a misunderstanding of why I'm supposed to be okay with the concept and his thought process because it's a very thinly veiled reason and any woman watching this movie would immediately be like uhm what?
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    Trailer Talk

    Ryan, I'm not sure I would go into comic lore that could possibly spoil the movie for people not necessarily hip on the books in the trailer section.
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    It's become a dream of mine to get famous enough that Jamie and Caitlin invite me on and they can tear my favorite movie apart lol.
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    9 to 5 is a perfect movie and should be recognized as such
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    (Ah sorry for my typo... I have not had any caffeine yet...) I think this is feminist to a point for sure. In 1982 I'm sure some men saw this for Hoffman and it probably blew their minds but I completely agree that it's very basic, and it's a very surface level take on feminism for sure. I totally forgot for a second that 9 to 5 was made a full two years prior so it's even worse now in my opinion lol. For some reason I was just convinced this came first and then 9 to 5 just improved on the women in the workplace conversation.... yet.... nah they did it first and fucking fantastically. Why isn't 9 to 5 on this list!? (Quick sidebar but Dolly Parton did NOT win the Oscar for the song 9 to 5 and I'm pissed cause "Fame" won and literally it beat both Dolly and Willie Nelson's On the Road Again.... what the fuck Academy???)
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    Booooooo! I just check to see if The Bechdel Cast has covered it but alas they have not. I think it would be very fascinating to hear a specific take on this movie. (That podcast has covered Mrs. Doubtfire and She's The Man in terms of other cross-dressing movies.)
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    I had a hard time with even the concept of why Hoffman wanted to dress up as a woman to begin with, ya know? At least in Some Like It Hot and in Mrs. Doutbfire you completely understand more so why they are doing the cross-dressing, but I feel like this character in Tootsie has a really thinly veiled reason and even though that's like the main reason for why he figures out he is wrong it was really hard for me to get past that and watch as this shitty dude realizes how rough women actually have it. And I believe it was Cameron who said (please correct me if I'm wrong) that this is SUCH a man savior movie and I could not agree more. I decided not to rewatch it but I'm wondering if I should to see if this even passes the Bechdel Test (Dorothy doesn't count since the person in the dress does not actually identify as a woman).
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    Y'all know what I'm about to say... I'm still behind... Haven't even listened to Chinatown yet...... ANYWAY I have seen this movie and I liked it but I definitely didn't love it, and I'm wondering if it's because when I saw it for the first time it was already too much in the modern era (but before we found out that Dustin is maybe not the greatest of dudes...) so I wasn't able to enjoy it as much as I maybe would have 20 or more years ago. However, I looove that they got Roz for the guest this week because I do think that a drag queen would be able to pinpoint their own interest in drag to movies like Tootsie. I even remember hearing a trans woman say that seeing something like Mrs. Doubtfire put it into her brain that dressing like a woman was actually possible, even if the character himself doesn't identify as a woman. But I would even maybe argue that in terms of men dressing like women in a comedic movie there are better examples out there than Tootsie maybe, or at least ones I find more watchable. Cause unlike Cameron, I would say I am way more likely to rewatch Taxi Driver than Tootsie. In terms of just straight comedy movies I too would rather see Young Frankenstein on this list. That's still one of my favorite movies of all time and I think it's a movie that also still holds the fuck up. Also would absolutely +1 Groundhog Day's addition as well.
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    Upcoming Episodes

    I think it was also a lot because of the fact that they could roll many times and land on a movie they've already done and no one wants to sit around for that. Someone on Facebook said they could've condensed the movies left over into a 1-50 list and then gotten a different die, which I think would've worked perfectly, and it's not like they haven't done away with a die roll in the past for special occasions.
  16. Yeah I don't think this is an all or nothing deal. I'm no expert in possession but all these horror movies I've seen over the years indicate it's more sinister than just one day you are you and then the next you have no control over your body.
  17. I think she was already possessed at that point but she just wasn't taken out of her own body yet. Because that was also the same day her mother told her to go see Father what's his face and she tried to put her cross to her forehead to start to pray and she couldn't actually physically do it. Her hand was like shaking and she struggled to put it to her face so she just gave up, and I believe it's because Mary Lou was already inside her.
  18. I finally saw the movie, and Mary Lou Maloney is a feminist icon.
  19. Charlize just became one of my most favorite guests of all time!!! I think "I might have to give her my Academy Award!" might also be one of my favorite lines ever lol!
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    After (2019)

    I remember my friends telling me about this when it first got published because apparently the fanfic is literally a self-insert story where the author dates Harry and he's crazy abusive to her?? Who tf keeps publishing shit from fucking Wattpad!?
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    Musical Mondays Week 64 The Wicker Man

    Hello, friends. I have not seen The Wicker Man yet, although I have seen the Nic Cage version and boy howdy what a wild ride. But I came in to share this very Wicker Man-esque movie that is from the director of Hereditary and is set to release this summer!
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    All the President’s Men

    I'm two weeks behind on podcasts so bare with me as I make some comments. 1. Paul, I believe you kinda swept up our feelings about Snow White into the wrong points. While yes we did acknowledge there is some problematic things that don't hold up and can be sending out bad messages to kids, most of us had actually avoided that conversation because it's way too easy to only pick out those areas in a movie from the 1930s when obviously times have changed in the last 80 yeas. Instead our conversations really centered around whether or not this story was good enough on it's own to make the list, because to me the animation isn't the only thing worth noting. 2. I definitely got their yin & yang vibes from the get go. To me, I believe that they became one entity because of that! They filled in each other's gaps with this story so well that they became one person easily referred to as Woodstein. I think Robert Redford was easily recognizable as buttoned up and more respectful to the people they were interviewing, and very obviously respected women more, and Dustin Hoffman portrayed that sleazy womanizer (that we now know he was in real life *insert kermit tea gif here* but that's none of my business) rather well too. If Woodward was the lesser writer but the better one to gather hard provable evidence, then I think they do a great job of showing Bernstein as the direct opposite - the one who gathers some shady evidence that's harder to prove but writes much better. 3. Paul mentioned at the beginning that he didn't think this would have the same emotional weight as it did in the 70s because of the time away from Watergate, but I wholeheartedly disagree. This was a good 15~ or so years before I was born, the movie being ~13 years before, so this is not something I ever got to experience, but it would be remiss for me to say that I am not experiencing this now. They definitely draw on the parallels between then and now, but this movie honestly opened my eyes to what actually happened, and it scared me slightly to see the exact parallels to our country today. Because of this I think this movie now more than probably 10-20 years ago this movie holds waaay the fuck up. Also, it's sad to think that I learned more about what happened from viewing this movie than I did in school, because everything about American, Texan, and world history needs to be condensed into one year every time. I don't think it was actually even mentioned until I was a junior in high school, and even then I think it got so heavily condensed that I certainly didn't learn all of it.
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    Upcoming Episodes

    According to the Facebook group they have abandoned good ol' Zoey have decided to just start picking the movies that are left. I'm not sure if it was because of the crazy happenstances that have been happening with the rolls, or if they've recognized that being about halfway through means they could roll and land on something already covered, roll again and they land on a different movie they've already covered lol. ETA: Apparently they also announced this in this week's episode WHOOPS! This is what I get for being behind!
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    Trailer Talk

    It was interesting watching both those trailers back to back because they definitely painted the show as two very different genres. I'm assuming it's a little more black comedy with ultra violence since it's online and not the gritty melodrama a la Gotham like they showed in the latter one.
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    Episode 211.5 - Minisode 211.5

    We could maybe also like do slow morphs! Like this one is definitely headed in the direction of maybe not considered musicals but music plays a heavy part, so we could like focus on that too! Clueless, Pulp Fiction, Garden State, Drive, etc!