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  1. The comments on female guests "screaming/shrieking/yelling" during live shows are getting boring. I've listened to the episode and she is matching the volume set by the men, but nope apparently it's just her fault and she's the one no one can listen to. We get it y'all.
  2. They removed the fuckin' Twilight movies from Prime... of course...
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    HDTGM Classics: TBD

    Literally I just got settled in at home Fucking work!
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    HDTGM Classics: TBD

    I'm stuck at work for another 30 minutes (hopefully less) but I'll jump in whenever I get home.
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    Episode 208.5 - Minisode 208.5

    For some reason they took away our Cinemax with zero warning
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    Episode 208.5 - Minisode 208.5

    I battle clinical anxiety and depression every day and let me just say that I could not agree more with everything Elektra has said here. I've never met anyone that suffers from a mental illness that wasn't actively trying to be the best and nicest person they can be. Also, Elektra, we love you so much here and every time I see you post it makes me happy.
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    Episode 208.5 - Minisode 208.5

    Gdi I knew that was going to happen. My mom has been trying to get me to watch it every since it came out because of how bonkers it is and I kept telling her, "Noooo I want to wait for HDTGM."
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    Saving Private Ryan

    I could have sworn I had seen this movie as a teenager and now I'm 100% doubting myself. I think I've only seen clips - like when they find Nathan Fillion and he starts crying because his brothers were too young for war and what a heartbreaking thing to think you're the one in war and your brothers still die. What I do remember about when this came out is that my mom, my aunt, and my grandfather saw this in theaters together, and I remember my grandfather (WWII vet) loving it. He was very very picky about his war movies (if only y'all could've heard him rant about Pearl Harbor) and this one definitely passed his test. I think I had also said that Platoon was on his faves list as well when that episode came out, but I found out via my mom I was actually thinking of Patton, which was definitely one of the literal 3 DVDs my grandfather owned (the other two being A River Runs Through It and A Beautiful Mind). So I guess I should actually sit and watch this from start to finish lol.
  9. Wait what happened to Supes 3? That's the one I was planning on for Friday.
  10. I think I would definitely rather watch Part 2 with everyone cause I watched Part 1 when Doug Benson did an interruption of it during SF Sketchfest, and that's probably the best way to watch a grown man fall in immediate love with a baby lmao.
  11. All of the Twilight movies are on Amazon Prime rn. I still haven't seen Part 2.
  12. I wanted to get back to this only to say that my "Nah" was to giving out my Facebook lol. That's a big no from me no matter what the status is lol.
  13. ....yeah so I've never been able to just share a tab in my own browser if it wasn't through Rabbit first so Idk what you mean there either, but you did get to the spot I was referring to. I've only tested out sending the direct link to my friends but once I did that it remembered their accounts so I can just click on that group again and they can be automatically invited I think.
  14. Yes, but that's basically the same function as "Open Room," which I never had the same issues as you did where it wouldn't let me start something until someone else was there. I was able to do whatever I wanted if that room was opened. And as I mentioned above, if you do that from the front page it is automatically public and always public, but I will screenshot the places I mean where we can get private videos.
  15. I'm not sure what you mean by "start some video somewhere." When I get home tonight I'll take some screenshots of what I mean because I have it set up with two of my friends now so we can all stream Jessica Jones together and it's been working pretty seamlessly (besides the noticeable lags that Cameron also pointed out).
  16. There's a really good movie about her called "Belle" staring Gugu M'batha Raw. The whole movie leads up to the reveal of this painting because she's just going through this inner turmoil of not ever really feeling like she's respected as part of the family and she gives a great monologue about how all paintings featuring black people have them as servant children or hidden behind the white people. Then she sees this and she sees how she is standing side by side with her cousin and it's a really beautiful moment.
  17. You have to create "groups" in order to have a completely private room with chosen friends I believe. It is totally weird how they have the whole thing set up now, but there's a spot somewhere (I'm not currently looking at it since I'm at work so I can't describe it better) that says go to groups that will take you to an all white page and then you can start a room there and put whoever you want into that private group. If you do "watch and explore" from the main page then that is public only.
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    Your Updated AFI List

    A game I thought might be fun would be to talk about movies that have come out since 2007 that you think deserve to be on the AFI 100 Greatest American Movies list, especially now that we are now past another AFI anniversary with no updates from them. And to add to the trouble of picking some, what would you take out to put in your nomination? AND to add even more trouble, try sticking to the same qualifications that AFI seems to be leaning to - Did it win any Oscars? Is it in the Library of Congress? Remember, these have to be American productions (I believe they do accept co-productions). To start I would actually remove The French Connection and add in Get Out. I would also remove Platoon and add The Hurt Locker.
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    The Graduate

    Definitely "The Only Living Boy in New York"
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    The Graduate

    You're probably right and I'm just too outside of my viewing of the movie to recall my true feelings about it. Just listening to the clips from the show definitely brought some feelings back, but I couldn't tell if that was the movie or my love for Simon & Garfunkel lol.
  21. Oh I looove The Crown. Definitely will paint a new light on Prince Philip for you that's for sure lol. I'm not sure how much is true in that series either, because right before I had started watching that I watched this doc special for the Queen's 90th birthday and it definitely didn't paint Prince Philip to be such a douchebag in his younger days as the show did, but there's also no way in hell I could see The Crown putting something on screen without Elizabeth's approval.
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    BONUS: 2019 Oscars

    OH OH! AND KRYSTEN RITTER OF COURSE! I mentioned that before but I'm still over the moon excited for her and Adam and I am shocked that not more places are like omg she revealed she's pregnant on the red carpet of the Oscars! But I guess that's what happens when you're surrounded by literally every other hella famous person in the world for the night lol.
  23. Wow they really just can't let sleeping dogs lie, can they? They've been pulling this shit on Meghan since they got engaged and it's so fucking obvious they just want their time in the spotlight and will do anything for it. Meghan has no real relationship with these people and anything beyond that is on them.
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    BONUS: 2019 Oscars

    Shallow was definitely a big highlight of the night! I also loved that Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry presented the costume award decked out in exaggerated versions of what was nominated. Made everyone at the party I was at laugh hysterically. Plus seeing Ruth Carter in her own royal gloriousness win and walk up with that hell of a dress was a good cherry on that moment.