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    Oscars 2019

    I'm legitimately SHOOK that Won't You Be My Neighbor didn't get a best doc nom!
  2. Books is gonna be the hardest thing for me as well, but a lot of them truly do spark joy and so I know they are good to keep. I think, though, I should add DVDs into this category because there are truly a lot that I just don't even touch anymore and with streaming it makes it a lot easier to watch things. Then I can make more room for books LOL!
  3. I'm totally down for a Thursday showing! I'm planning on helping my mom start the Marie Kondo method this weekend cause I left a lot of my own shit in her house when I moved out so I'm gonna be a good daughter and actually empty my old room lololol so Thursday is perf for me!
  4. Well, shit y'all I really wanted to try and do something the majority of us could watch for "free" but if Cinco wants to try and do a rabbit showing sometime soon now that he owns this masterpiece we could still try for that! If not, I can also totally pick something else cause I'm seriously strapped for cash right now so idk if I can even pay to rent the movie I chose LOL!
  6. This info does not have me leaning towards liking it LOL
  7. One small correction on an otherwise perfect post - the kids get let out at exactly 1:45 because Kim mentions in the beginning that he has soccer right after school at that exact time, and then Chris states that when he was in the police station that it's 1:30 and that's when she freaks out telling him to get there, so that school would have to be 15 minutes away from the Santa Monica Police Station or this whole thing falls apart lol.
  8. OKAY! I didn't forget this time lmao So I've been eyeing this movie on Netflix for an extremely long time and I've been only wanting to watch it with y'all cause I'm not positive if I'm going to like it or not lol. It looks like one of those I'll either absolutely love or just get bored with half way through so buckle up friends cause we're gonna watch...
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    It got worse again. Kate had to come back in and make an announcement to JUST LEAVE AMY ALONE! It was straight up t to b bonkers how much people were picking on her. Some real douchebags too. One post I saw literally was damning Amy because she didn't understand something in The Searchers was a metaphor and I've never seen someone cut someone else down the way this topic did, and I just had to comment and say "Oh wow, it's almost as if no two people see a movie the same way and people can have different opinions on something." Amy is the best and I love listening to her point of views on movies and I'm extremely thankful for Paul bringing her into my life because I legit never listened to The Canon before and since I'm such a HDTGM super fan this was a great intro to her!
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    Trailer Talk

    Oh, well yeah I knew he was in it cause it got this big announcement, but I thought you meant he was in the trailer lol! Clearly I think the shot of the clock will be from his scene considering his name, but I was REALLY looking forward to a beard man lol.
  11. I'm confused as to how WHM didn't recognize that female cop hiding out in KB's house. I understand that the LAPD must be large and not everyone could possibly know everyone, however he seems to know Emmerich and everyone on the fourth floor. That would be her department, no? Didn't they all work together or were they a little more spread throughout LAPD in order to cover all bases? It just doesn't make sense to me that Emmerich would continuously offer a job to WHM and WHM have no clue who is on his squad.
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    Musical Mondays Week 56 Flower Drum Song

    I've got my pick locked and loaded!
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    Trailer Talk

    Where!? I looked for him and I think I missed it!
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    Personally, even without the amount that I've seen, it's the people that think an opinion or a way someone (who am I kidding - Amy) sees the movie is wrong because that's not what they see or that's not the wording they would choose to describe the feeling. This indignation and justification that Amy is lazy and not up to par is fucking ridiculous and I'm so tired of seeing her every word nitpicked to death. I said this in one of the "ZOMG SHE SAID INCEL AGAIN" threads that she is human like the rest of us and it's completely fascinating to see that Paul never gets even 1% of the shit that she does. Shit that neither one of them ever deserve. These are two friends having conversations together while trying to pull out research that they may not have known before, and I would even argue that the entire point of this show is to take a look at these movies in a modern lens to see if they even hold up and continue to deserve a place on this list once it gets updated. But somehow people have a fucking problem with Amy and the way she talks about male characters... shocker... So while the layout of the group is in fact a problem and the amount of the same kind of posts does become the problem as well, my issue is completely with the content of these posts and how many people have an issue with Amy specifically.
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    Episode 8 - Marc Maron

    I don't think I've ever heard Maron laugh that hard or genuinely and it was a god damn delight
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    Episode 204.5 - Minisode 204.5

    Dude... that was Nicole Kidman c'mon! Also I agree because their chemistry was off the hook
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    Kate Littleton over on Facebook is truly a really great moderator and I give her props for having to deal with all of that shit in the most professional of ways, cause she's really just a fan like the rest of us and started that whole page on her own.
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    Literally the amount of threads started because Amy used the word "incel" again is making me get a stomach ulcer.
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    So I've been avoiding the Unspooled forums because I'm very behind on the podcast, but I just have to say that I joined the Facebook page and... wow do a lot of people hate Amy over there... It seems like weekly there's a thread that gets started because Amy is too "lazy" to use different terms to describe things or how dare she not notice such and such metaphor about such and such thing in such and such movie. Literally no one ever mentions Paul... Also I'll give y'all two guesses to who keeps starting said threads... I miss out on a lot of the movie talk but I still listen to the shows and I don't find either of the hosts lacking in any department, in fact I feel like they've both found their stride as co-hosts and have only become more in tune with each other. It just seems bonkers to me that Amy would get nitpicked to literal death and it's making me severely re-think being part of that group over there.
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    Episode 204.5 - Minisode 204.5

    It's the. worst. wig. Also I didn't believe they had any romantic chemistry! I mean totally great bro energy with the possibility of falling in love years later lmao, but I'm thinking you give me two or three more adventures with those two and THEN I could believe they fell in love lol.
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    Episode 204.5 - Minisode 204.5

    The couple next to me when I saw it were laughing SO hard during some parts that I couldn't help but laugh as well, and during the entire war scene the three of us were just cracking up. I mean literally crab people vs mermaids is the funniest shit I've ever seen.
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    Episode 204.5 - Minisode 204.5

    I wanted to DO Aquaman
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    Episode 204.5 - Minisode 204.5

    These are both two movies my mom watched recently and was completely flummoxed enough to talk about them over the phone with me...
  24. taylor anne photo

    He's Just Not That Into You (2007)

    Please do this movie and get Greg Behrendt to be the guest!