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    2020 Oscars Preview

    I had heard, and it might have been on Unspooled or another one of the 500 movie related podcasts that I listen to, that Tarantino had to actually put together another version of the script to present for Awards consideration because what he wrote down was very vague this time and there was more improv. Do you think that is true and had something to do with why he wasn't awarded this year?
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    Episode 232.5 — Minisode 232.5

    Paul, in the future will you please be mindful of you hitting the desk to emphasize your point? It's a great way to hammer something in I get that, but your mics pick up EVERYTHING and my ears are dying. Thank you, friend.
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    Episode 123 - Teresa Lee

    Oof - once Cameron and Teresa agreed that "bisexual" only follows the binary this became a hard listen. I so appreciated Teresa's story and her tales of polyamory, but I think it's incredibly reductive to paint bisexuality with such a broad brush. The term was created far before the ideas of the gender binary, and even before the term "transgender" as well. To say that modern bisexual people have not evolved with the ideas of gender is a harmful stereotype that is used to erase bisexuality completely. "Bi" may be a prefix that means "two" but no actual bisexual that I know of uses that to actually mean only two genders are acknowledged. For example, I say that 1. I love my same gender and 2. I love all other genders as well. Thus the "two" in my brain. Oddly enough, I've had more pansexual people give me shit about this than anyone else. When that term first became part of the lexicon it was explained to me as someone who felt attraction to the person inside rather than the actual body. I couldn't relate to this because I very much feel attraction to people without ever getting to know them - so it becomes definitely a surface level "oh they have a rockin bod" kind of attraction. And yet over the last 11 years since I first heard that term magically pansexual people have evolved their meaning and yet bisexuals haven't been granted that same privilege. I don't put any of this down to do a "call out" but rather open a dialogue about this, because it is hurtful that those of us in the community keep feeling policed and gatekeeped about our own feelings and sexuality.
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    Episode 57 - Sarah Silverman

    I agree and disagree. I don't think he did any more bits than he's done with any of his other guests, and he got serious when they talked about Gary Shandling and Sarah's mom, but I also could tell this is how their friendship actually works because I think he gets giddy about making her believe something is real when he's doing a bit. But it would have been nice for him to follow her lead and take what she wanted to talk about a little more seriously.
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    The Apartment

    I have to agree with Amy that the main reason I want to keep Some Like It Hot is for the Marilyn representation. But if we could replace it with the obviously better Gentlemen Prefer Blondes then I'm all for dropping SLIH.
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    2020 Oscars Preview

    See, I usually take them putting something for Best Screenplay as what was their actual top picks of the year. With the new system of voting someone in Hollywood mentioned to me once that the last few years the winners has been everyone's second picks and because of some kind of points system it pushes those over. I don't totally understand it all, but it definitely makes sense for why Green Book would win over literally anything else last year. And I heard Moshe Kasher say that if you want to watch the actual Best Pictures then you need to watch everything that won for Best Screenplay. All of this to say that I thought this was basically them saying that actually Jojo Rabbit and Parasite were their favorites but they wouldn't win anything else (beyond best International for Parasite of course). It's a pleasant surprise to see it get switched up!!!
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    2020 Oscars Preview

    I also had 1917 down for Best Picture/Director and also very happy to have been wrong!!! I only got 3 wrong the entire night. Also missed Ford v Ferrari getting Best Sound Editing, but I'm terrible at figuring out what will win Editing vs Mixing so I usually just put the same movie for both - this year my pick was 1917 for sound so I at least got it half right lol.
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    Episode 232.5 — Minisode 232.5

    If my memory is correct, someone else pulls the comments for him to read. I know he's incredibly busy these days so I'm not sure how much he gets on the forums anymore (if you see this Paul - you're always welcome here with open arms). So, I believe that he is truly reacting to things he reads this way because he has no idea that entire things have been omitted. Can't explain how he could forget an entire quote from Spirit of Christmas tho Also found out today that he does receive gifs on his text app so I have in fact been sending him Family gifs throughout the day lol. This is my contribution to the greater good.
  9. taylor anne photo

    Prequel to Episode 232

    You'll probably find the story of "Cowboy Bob" aka Peggy Jo Tallis to be VERY interesting then! This woman here literally convinced everyone she was legitimately a man and robbed banks in this perfect fuckin disguise.
  10. Clueless, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and For a Good Time, Call... are definitely mine. I also love watching cooking shows despite my lack of cooking.
  11. Fellow listener of The Bechdel Cast!?
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    Musical Mondays Week 83 Yellow Submarine

    For some reason I want to stress how terrifying the blue meanies are to a child. I still look at them and kinda shiver. They are not chill.
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    Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

    I couldn't agree more. I don't think there's more influential, and just overall great movies, than Dr. Strangelove, 2001, and The Shining. I'm still shocked every time I look at the list again that The Shining isn't represented.
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    92nd Academy Awards Nominations

    We know exactly the reasoning behind those crickets...
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    92nd Academy Awards Nominations

    Alfonso Cauron directed Roma, but your sentiment still stands.
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    92nd Academy Awards Nominations

    I'm also very happy for Florence Pugh getting nominated because I thought she was one of the standouts in acting this year.
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    Musical Mondays Week 83 Yellow Submarine

    I think some of the songs are maybe "b-sides" which I would just as a catchall term for "lesser known" but I wouldn't say that about Eleanor Rigby or All You Need is Love. Maybe I'm just naive since I think those songs are hits but if you think about it terms of their actual hits then yeah maybe they aren't the ones people expected to be thrown in a movie. Also is it just me or is Eleanor Rigby a really depressing way to start an animated movie?
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    92nd Academy Awards Nominations

    I don't know a single person that saw it.
  19. taylor anne photo

    92nd Academy Awards Nominations

    Ah I haven't seen Harret yet so I genuinely had no idea. I wanted Awkwafina and JLo to get acting nominations this year, and they were both directed by women as well. In fact I'm FLOORED that The Farewell didn't receive A SINGLE FUCKING NOMINATION!
  20. taylor anne photo

    Musical Mondays Week 83 Yellow Submarine

    I'm gonna start with how this movie was actually my introduction to the Beatles as a child. So my aunt and uncle were babysitting me, my aunt being legitimately like 9 months pregnant (may not seem relevant but it is later). I do not remember how the conversation started but I believe they made a reference that I didn't get (I was only 9 years old at the time) and when they asked me if I had heard of the Beatles I shrugged and said no. Of course they were livid with my mom and sat me down on the couch and said that the first thing to do was watch Yellow Submarine. I was petty much hooked and delighted of course by the colors and the music, but the blue meanies genuinely did scare the shit out of me. Because my aunt was so pregnant my uncle continuously called her a blue meanie because one of them looked like this. After that they played the music in their house and I was properly introduced to the wonderful catalog of The Beatles, and I never looked back.
  21. taylor anne photo

    92nd Academy Awards Nominations

    Oh I knew we wouldn't. I'm just shocked that Little Women is the only female directed movie recognized at all. ETA: Oh oops I did accidentally overlook Tom Hanks who was in a female directed movie, but that is the only other one to be recognized this year.
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    Musical Mondays Week 84 Preview (JammerLea’s Pick)

    I don't know what you're talking about I clearly remember everyone just absolutely loving it!
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    Favorite Movies of 2019

    People in my movie loving circle usually suggest 2010 was a better year for Jeff Bridges, but I disagree with that because I didn't actually enjoy True Grit as much as everyone else did... although I had a terrible movie going experience when I went to see that movie so it could have heavily effected my thoughts. Despite the fact that Christian Bale probably still would've won (another giant transformation win for him that year) I am still angry that Andrew Garfield was denied even a nomination for The Social Network. His performance was truly the stand out in my opinion.