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    Episode 228.5 — Minisode 228.5

    I finally texted Paul and may have mentioned that I needed the gang to cover QotD, and he actually replied back and said that he had mentioned it to Avaryl but she shut it down! Avaryl how could you do me dirty like this!?
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    Star Wars

    I agree that quality over impact is something I've heavily been considering while going through this list, because I honestly do not think they are one and the same. But I had this thought during the LOTR episode that they specifically put the first of these giant trilogies to force people to start from the beginning rather than jump into the middle of an overarching story. Personally, I'm not quite sure really how much you need of The Godfather before seeing Part II, maybe that's naive maybe it isn't. Certainly, though, you can not come into Empire Strikes Back without having first seen Star Wars and have any of it make much sense to you. There needs to be the emotional weight of the three leads meeting, the bond between Ben and Luke, and then the subsequent death of Ben (I agree that is a really lackluster saber fight compared to so much we've seen in this series). To me, this is AFI putting all three movies on under the guise of just one, because they probably have a giant feeling that once you start you're going to most likely continue.
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    Star Wars

    Omggg! I kinda thought it was funny that Nicole was steadfastly refusing to ever watch them lol! She said she got joy out of denying men the opportunity to be the ones to show her the franchise, and then her best friend Sasheer Zamata (if y'all aren't listening to Best Friends pls do it) has offered to be that person literally ever time she brings it up lol.
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    Star Wars

    My favorite Star Wars Simpsons reference is when Mark Hamill played himself doing a Star Wars version of Guys and Dolls. I know that song he sings by heart and would sing it to my cat while growing up, but instead of Luke I would sing Tiger and tell him to be that Jedi tonight. It brings back a lot of good little Taylor and her cat memories. I also thought that there was a real version of that song in Guys & Dolls and definitely expected Frank Sinatra at some point to just bust out singing "Guys & dolls! We're just a bunch of crazy guys & dolls!"
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    Episode 228.5 — Minisode 228.5

    Listen Rockula and Queen of the Damned would be an excellent back to back live show night.
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    Booksmart (2019)

    There are direct similarities to Superbad that can't be ignored. There is a vomiting on another person scene, there's a giant reveal between the two friends that hurts the friendship scene, and there's the fact that Beanie Feldstein is literally Jonah Hill's little sister. I don't believe this movie is ripping off Superbad whatsoever, but there are obvious things that would bring the former movie to mind in regards to this new one, and it would be naive to think they weren't similar. However, I fully believe that Booksmart takes early 2000s tropes and fixes them with this story. Even taking out the fact that it's about two women and one of them is gay, it just fixes some story issues that I had with Superbad and gives EVERY character far more depth than Superbad could have ever dreamed of. I was extremely interested in every single background character they introduced and each one had their own arc throughout this movie. Then you add in the brilliant commentary of being a 17/18 year old girl on her way into adulthood and LGBTQ issues and it's a really fucking fantastic movie.
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    Episode 228.5 — Minisode 228.5

    Expansion on the Twitter confirmation. At least you can get a refund or transfer your tickets to the new show date!
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    Best Of The Decade Pt. 2

    2013: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Her Begin Again 12 Years a Slave Short Term 12 Including separately: Sound City (documentary), Blue is the Warmest Color (French production), and Ida (Polish production). 2014: Captain America: Winter Soldier The Theory of Everything Little Accidents Gone Girl Selma Included separately: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (I wanted to include this because I think it has American production behind it, and was filmed in California, despite being a foreign language film.) 2015: Room The Force Awakens Dope Love & Mercy Creed
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    Best Of The Decade Pt. 1

    I've been out of the country for a couple of weeks so I apologize for my delay into this conversation, and I apologize for mentioning things that are now repeats at this point. I'm also sad that I didn't start using Letterboxd until 2014 so I don't have a comprehensive list of the movies I loved from 2010-2013 but I'll do my best to remember the ones I would like to see in a Best Of list. 2010: My top movie is definitely The Social Network as well, and it was my favorite of the year at that time, with Black Swan a CLOSE second. I am still mad that TSN didn't win best picture that year at the Oscars. The Social Network Black Swan Winter's Bone Never Let Me Go (Not an American production I don't believe, but this stopped me in my tracks none the less) 2011: Drive Another Earth Bridesmaids Pariah We Need to Talk About Kevin 2012: Argo For a Good Time, Call... Frances Ha The Avengers Seeking a Friend for the End of the World What I notice about my choices are that I do gravitate to ones that are lesser known, not because of trying to pull any kind of indie cred, but because these are the ones that have stayed with me for so long. I still talk about Another Earth and For a Good Time Call because they are fucking fantastic movies and I think it's a fucking shame that good art like these two get overlooked so often. The Best Of Lists usually always include the ones that we all already know about because of the box office receipts or Oscars or even the buzz surrounding them when they came out but the awards "snubbed" them. But I want Best Of lists to truly represent the best of what has come out in its entirety even though no one may have heard of one movie or another.
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    Weekly HDTGM Movie Screenings in Chicago

    If I lived in Chicago I would so be down!
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    Upcoming Episodes

    That will be an interesting conversation, and I'll be very excited for the rest of us to compare our own Best of the Decade.
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    Annie Hall

    I honestly had a hard time listening to this episode, which I obviously knew I would, and I am thankful for the trigger warning by Paul and Amy with the option to take a pass this week and sit tight for the next episode. I myself chose to listen knowing it would be hard, and it was hard. Personally, I do not want to get into Woody's life because I myself experienced sexual assault as a child and considering how the last conversation I had on the Earwolf forums about men in Hollywood with less than ideal reputations went... I think I'll take a pass. But on the movie itself, I saw this in high school because I also wanted to begin my career in the study of film history, and it never really stuck with me. I had friends that absolutely died over Woody's movies, and I wanted so bad to be as cool and watch as many of them as I could, but while I liked this film... I did not love it. I think the only one of his movies I did love was Midnight in Paris and I wonder if it's because I just don't enjoy Woody Allen's acting style. I chose not to rewatch it and I don't regret that, but the only thing about the entire movie that even sticks out to me is when Alvy criticizes Annie for smoking weed before sex. I think about that a lot because I've done that and let me tell y'all, it's great. 10/10 would recommend. Other than that I have nothing but "meh" feelings about this movie.
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    Episode 226.5 - Minisode 226.5

    Almost better than that, Paul is a CONTESTANT!!!
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    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    I see what you're saying, and I'm telling you based on what I know about the way Leo acts I believe he would be better than what I witnessed from the others but whatever lol.
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    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    I haven't seen The Revenant so I honestly can't comment on his performance, but I definitely believe that Tom and Will outshined him because they're genuinely amazing and underrated actors. However, I did see the others and while Fassbender was amazing as Steve Jobs, I did not find it to be an award winning performance. Same with the others. I also am in the same mindset about The Danish Girl and just ugh fuck that movie, but all three of the other men have done better performances in their careers. If I were voting I probably would have voted for Leo as well.
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    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    And honestly I looked up the rest of the nominees that year and if anyone won above him then it would've been ridiculous. I can see an argument for someone not even being nominated that deserved it but out of all the nominees Leo was definitely the winner that year for sure.
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    Mirror Mirror (2012)

    I'm surprised that this piece of trash hasn't been brought up yet. It was released around the exact same time as Snow White and the Huntsman and I wonder if that's why they decided to make a lot of the choices they did so that it wouldn't be the same movie. None of it worked. Is it supposed to be a comedy? Is it supposed to be super campy? Why do I try to put reason into it? I had to suffer through this and that is what I get for letting my roommate pick the title on movie night.
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    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    You know that was just a "finally let's just give him this award" more than anything else. The performance he should have won for was Django Unchained because he was legit terrifying in that movie.
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    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    I read that Jacob's first take of that scene was so unsettling that Rebecca Ferguson stumbled over her lines because she was so upset. If that kid doesn't win an Oscar before he is 15 then there is some bull shit afoot lol.
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    Mirror Mirror (2012)

    We no longer live together, but we're still friends and trust me... she's not LOL But yeah The Huntsmen really wasn't a good franchise either, but at least Charlize Theron was a better queen and it looked prettier to me lol.
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    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    I still saw Rose as utterly desperate, but this time it was out of grief. I don't think she was using her head against Abra at all, and I thought it conveyed that pretty well. When I saw that Jacob had been cast I honestly had expected him to have been Young Danny, cause honestly it would've fit pretty well and we all know he would've killed any of that fear from the original story. But even though his part was so small, you're right, he nailed that shit and it really got me when they tortured him.
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    Doctor Sleep (2019)

    When you put it like that, I like it a lot more, but during the viewing I did not like it at all. I was kind of hoping they would just leave Wendy and Jack faceless throughout the film, which thank god they did during the ax flashback. To me - casting new actors in these extremely iconic rolls just kind of took me out of these really great moments. I'm more fine with Wendy being casted again to show new footage, but there was something about recognizing Henry Thomas that made me go, "Oh and there's Henry Thomas," not, "Oh my god he's seeing Jack now!"
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    Forrest Gump

    And that gets us into a much deeper theological conversation about life lol.
  24. taylor anne photo

    Forrest Gump

    He probably would've been drafted. If you were in college then you were exempt. I'm not sure about them drafting college graduates, though, nor do I know about how they recruit back in the day. I know now they definitely want them before they hit 24, because that's when a man's brain stops growing, so they very much are trying to mold minds to be exactly how they want them to be.