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  1. thecricketnerd

    Episode 321 β€” Big Fat Voice

    And the Bachelor Brothers, babe.
  2. thecricketnerd

    Episode 317 β€” Tash.2

    Most laugh-out-loud episode (for me) since the other contest-winner was last on the show. C+
  3. thecricketnerd

    Episode 312 β€” Grounded Me@

    There was a point in the episode where I was sure the Andy Samberg sandwich would be mentioned, but apparently Todd's averse to those desires.
  4. Opened the Earwolf homepage this morning kinda hoping for a b-b-b-bonus-s-s-s episode of CBB and found THIS. Probably a good idea not to have Terrorist Wittels on this one, considering the date and all.
  5. thecricketnerd

    Episode 309 β€” Tony Macaroni

    I was out on the street passing the excited TIFF crowds. Definitely CBB bump.
  6. thecricketnerd

    Episode 309 β€” Tony Macaroni

    I was almost disappointed when Kroll left and El Chupacabra didn't show up. R. Schrift was fantastic and so much more, and not just because I'm obsessed with the Aussie accent.
  7. thecricketnerd

    Episode 309 β€” Tony Macaroni

    I hope Mulaney (the titular Mulaney of "Mulaney") will be on as well to promote his new show. Gil and George's last appearance is one of my all-time faves.
  8. I wish Trevor could have done an ep of UTU2TM, to talk about Spiderman: Twone off the Dark (actual reference to one of the recent Trevor sketches).
  9. In the Superego-verse, Ian Fleming clearly based M upon himself.
  10. I listen to these at work, and every time something makes me laugh-snort (every few seconds) I have to pretend to wipe my nose. Yup, laughing is more embarrassing than boogers.
  11. I made a brown 2 when I saw who was on the podcast.