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  1. PFTsOffMicLaughter

    EPISODE 106 — Stephanie Allynne, Our Close Friend

    I don't understand why Stephanie doesn't want the Colonel at her wedding? His chicken is finger licking good!
  2. PFTsOffMicLaughter

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    Scott continually throwing Adam under the bus during the interview is just top notch.
  3. PFTsOffMicLaughter

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    Oh my god I Love Films during the band interview. This is phenomenal
  4. PFTsOffMicLaughter

    EPISODE 354 — Solo Bolo: Dos Lo

    The "that was a good song" tag on the end of the Riddle Me This theme absolutely killed me.
  5. PFTsOffMicLaughter

    Episode 303 — Puttering Around

    Just let out the loudest snort at the office after Loudon and ALW discuss listening to their own music. Had about two rows of people looking over at me.
  6. PFTsOffMicLaughter

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    Having never listened to HH before this, all I have to say is that was deeeeeeeeeeeelightful. Gonna go download me some of them poddycasts
  7. PFTsOffMicLaughter

    If You Like It...

    If you like it then you should've put The Ring DVD on her dresser.
  8. PFTsOffMicLaughter

    EPISODE 4 - Savannah, Georgia

    I beg to differ
  9. PFTsOffMicLaughter

    Episode BO2014.1 — Best of 2014 Pt 1

    No Project Funway ?!?!?
  10. PFTsOffMicLaughter

    Episode 326 — 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    This was the point that I just lost it at work. C+
  11. Woke up and was so excited for the new podcast. I think I scared my girlfriend when I jumped out of bed seeing that PFT was on too. The format of this is fantastic. I can't wait to see what else they have lined up for the future. Love the theme too.
  12. PFTsOffMicLaughter

    Best of 2014: Stump for favorite episodes here!

    I'll be shocked if Ep 300 isn't #1. Hope I'm wrong though.
  13. PFTsOffMicLaughter

    Best of 2014: Stump for favorite episodes here!

    I voted and forgot about LIVE from RIOT LA. If I could vote again, that would be in the top ten replacing the Holday Spectacular. The Closing Sentiment Off was just undeniably fantastic. And I probably should've voted They're Twins Jonah over the 5th Anniversary, but oh well. Chronological Order: Ep #261 - Nubile Agape (Horatio Sanz, Kulap Vilaysack & Shelby Fero) Ep #262 - 2013 Holiday Spectacular (Nick Lowe, Jason Mantzoukas, Andy Daly, Paul F. Tompkins, James Adomian, Jon Daly, Neil Campbell, Paul Rust & Paul Scheer) Ep #266 - The Calvins Twins (Taran Killam, Paul Brittain) Ep #269 - Smaug's Kickstarter (Doug Benson, Paul Hornschemeier & Matt Besser) Ep #283 - The 5th Anniversary Show! (Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, Jason Mantzoukas, Lauren Lapkus, Matt Besser, Paul F. Tompkins, Paul Rust & Neil Campbell) Ep #285 - Solo Bolo (Ben Schwartz) Ep #286 - Time Bobby 3 (Bobby Moynihan, Paul F. Tompkins) Ep #289 - The Exorcism of Cake Boss (Paul F. Tompkins, Matt Gourley) Ep #304 - Marissa Wompler's Six Flags Birthday Womptacular (Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, Lauren Lapkus, Jason Mantzoukas, Brian Huskey, Melissa Rauch & Andy Daly) Ep #306 - Project Funway (Paul Rust, Harris Wittels & Michael Cassady)
  14. PFTsOffMicLaughter

    Will We Get a Farts and Procreation 4?!

    No word on Scott being at the Forum. I know Adam Pally and Harris were both at the show though (not together). Now I want Bro on Analyze Phish
  15. Condoms...Not Just for Sailors Anymore!