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    Prequel to Episode 232

    I may have a solution for Paul's question about why SWINGERS needed Steven Spielberg's permission and MASTER OF DISGUISE didn't. There is specific language in fair use doctrine for parody uses. I imagine MoD would qualify as a parody and SWINGERS would not. Thus I am willing to bet Spielberg had nothing to do with this nonsense.
  2. I had trouble with this episode. It kept repeating or something? Did this happen to anyone else or is my apple podcasts haunted? I worked in a movie theater when this came out. So I saw it in the theater. (Since it was free.) All I really remember was--and I think it was this film--we had a standee in the lobby of the various characters Carvey plays. Usually someone would take those home. No one wanted it so it sat around it the back room for awhile. But in hindsight, I am surprised the studio spent the money to market this. Did they think it was good?
  3. Elektra Boogaloo

    Minisode 230.5

    Nicole Byer has some thoughts about Gemini Man (the multiple Will Smith movie) on "Best Friends" this week if you enjoy her on this podcast.
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    Minisode 230.5

  5. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 230 - Fateful Findings: LIVE! (w/ Rob Huebel)

    Very excited to hear on the mini that Neil is on board with the four dot ellipsis. When I was younger I was very upset that the Star Wars crawl always uses four dots. And lately I have read some articles trying to defend it (saying it is an ellipsis with a period after it, or it is a reference to serials Lucas watched that had four dots.) Anyway, it seems clear that LucasFilm knows it is wrong now but they keep doing it because that is how it was done in New Hope. Breen should just say it’s Star Wars homage and never fix it. That’s how it’s done, bro. FOUR DOTS!
  6. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 230 - Fateful Findings: LIVE! (w/ Rob Huebel)

    If she was 17, can we have someone prosecuted?
  7. If Lily was already a Forsythe, maybe she was actually their mom who they French kissed. I don't know much about prohibition but I'd like to chime in on it being easier than going to Canada (did he walk in the snow all the way there?). My great grandfather was a bartender and then when prohibition hit, his census occupation just changed to "beverages." Sneak level 100.
  8. Taylor, I am so indeed lapsed Catholic. But I also know this from being an English major and studying Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. I thought they did 12 nights of Christmas movies? Or do they have so many it is all the time now? I don't get Hallmark or Lifetime. Tell me everything. They need to make a Murder She Wrote Christmas special! Let's crowd funding it!
  9. 12 Dates of Christmas is on Disney+. I might watch it. A bit scared though. But then I liked (not loved) Noelle and Bad Mom's Christmas so my judgement is suspect.
  10. Yes, my gay (Brooklynite) friend has this cut and when the alt-right started having it too he was very upset. Thanks for the laws on haunted property. I kept wondering why they didn't mention the ghost and charge people MORE to see him. It could have been a tourist attraction. I kept waiting for Kate to suggest this.
  11. I also wrote that Daniel's hair was like a Brooklyn baristo. It was old timey in the way steampunk is old timey which is to say, fiction. My understanding was that Daniel appears in the middle of December and the innkeeper just was like, "okay I will leave" and left him alone to read (or jerk off) or whatever. Like Jason, I was also perplexed by him ironing. Because if I became corporeal for 12 days I wouldn't do any chores. That innkeeper would have to clean up after me. Daniel also had an old iron, the kind you heat up with a fire. Where'd he get it? Is that inn still using old irons? Someone should introduce them to electricity. I am also irritated by this "12 Days of Christmas" starting 12 days BEFORE Christmas. That is how Hallmark is, trying to have 12 movies each year. But the 12 days of Christmas begin on Christmas and continue until Epiphany (also called Three Kings' Day) when the Wise Men are supposed to have arrived to see the Baby Jesus. I don't know when Twelfth Night stopped being celebrated in America, but he is from the past so he should know this. I am going to hold it against him.
  12. Elektra Boogaloo

    Cats (2019)

    I feel like CATS is necessary to do but I am not really looking forward to it. The commerical for the Broadway show that ran forever traumatized me as a child. Not sure I can get through the whole thing. I am so scared.
  13. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 228.5 -Minisode 228.5

    Watching this now. Did anyone else notice that the "old photo" of the ghost is just a black and white headshot or something? It doesn't have the old photo grainy quality. Gonna listen to the episode tomorrow on the train. Excited.
  14. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 228.5 -Minisode 228.5

    Good news? Hallmark is reinstating LGBT friendly advertising. So now we may have a counter-counter-boycott? https://www.glaad.org/blog/victory-hallmark-channel-will-reinstate-lgbtq-inclusive-advertisements-after-glaad-and-lgbtq
  15. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 228.5 -Minisode 228.5

    Is this a Hallmark movie? Are we breaking the boycott? And which boycott are we breaking? https://www.advocate.com/business/2019/12/13/advertiser-cuts-ties-hallmark-channel-pulling-lesbian-ad
  16. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 228 - High Strung (Live from The Beacon Theatre)

    I am sad I didn’t get to see this live since I am in NYC. Stupid family. I sort of want to know what June would think of CENTER STAGE now. If Paul is flexible now, what does that mean for June’s anti-male flexibility/splits movement?
  17. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 227.5 - Minisode 227.5

    I have an important question about the Transformers DVD guessing game. Do the ones given away at the live show count? Because I think at least 200 then. I also have a random question inspired by the "baby chairs" caller. I know Paul is a big fan of rides and Disney so maybe I should call in. But I would welcome forum input as well. How young is too young to bring a kid to Disney? We are having a disagreement in my family. I know some people bring infants and such, but is that a huge pain? My mom is insistent that a child has to be old enough to walk the entire time (no baby chairs) and old enough to remember.
  18. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    i am so happy June still doesn't recognize video games. I think this is the third time that there was a "reveal" that June didn't know it was a game, if you count "Serenity."
  19. Elektra Boogaloo

    Baby Geniuses (1999)

    I want to bump this up because Paul Rudd was on Conan's podcast and they talked about how Rudd always shows a clip from "Mac and Me" when he's on Conan. He mentioned the other option was "Baby Geniuses" and it made me want to see it. Rudd approved!
  20. Elektra Boogaloo

    Mortal Engines (2018)

    I hear Jason thinks this is a big bag of no thanks and it is now rotten on RT and apparently $100 mil in the hole.
  21. Description: Recorded live from Charleston, South Carolina, Paul, June, and Jason discuss the 2008 romantic comedy The Hottie and the Nottie starring Paris Hilton. They talk about June auditioning for the role of the Nottie, earth suits, the stalker, farts, and much more. This episode is brought to you by Bombas (www.bombas.com/BONKERS), World of Warcraft Classic (www.wowclassic.com/howdidthisgetmade), and Starbucks Triple Shot Energy Drink. Subscribe to Unspooled with Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson here: http://www.earwolf.com/show/unspooled/ Check out our tour dates over at www.hdtgminfo.com! Check out new HDTGM merch over at https://www.teepubli…wdidthisgetmade Where to Find Jason, June & Paul: @PaulScheer on Instagram & Twitter @Junediane on IG and @MsJuneDiane on twitter it is still very early here on the East Coast but my neighbor kept me up by watching very loud movies and I will murder him eventually. I didnt watch this movie and I am so glad after listening to this episode. It sounds like it was written by incels. Maybe it originated on 8chan. There is a huge problem with media in our society where men EXPECT to be able to date a woman like Paris Hilton just for being. They don’t have to be smart or funny or earn a “high status” mate (and here I would point out that there is an issue with a woman being hot and dumb—which is her persona, I have never met her—as being that “thing” that every man wants). i would like to believe there was another version of the script where the main guy ends up with June, and it was about realizing looks don’t matter, and that perhaps the studio decided he had to end up with Paris Hilton if it’s a Paris Hilton movie. That is perhaps the nicest thing I can think to say. I’d also like to point out that the actress who did get the role of June, was on the TGIF show “Step-by-Step” and I thought she was gorgeous. The fact that they can’t even find an average looking person to give those teeth to is a scathing indictment of how Hollywood treats women in and of itself. They don’t exist in Hollywood’s world. ETA: did anyone have a crush in 1st grade? That seems to early to me. Isn’t there a thing where people who are molested are sexual too young? Could that be what is happening?
  22. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 225.5 - Minisode 225.5

    I'm a bit worried about the director of Country Bears. There was sadness in his voice even though he was trying to mask it. It's okay, man. We all do jobs we don't love.
  23. I didn't watch this movie but I have a confession about the Second Opinions song. I used to think the Boyz II Men remix of Yesterday was the original. So when they were singing, "I had a moment of like "oh it's the Boyz II Men song.. wait. Stop it, Emily." Anyway. Just wanted to come embarrass myself.
  24. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 224.5 - Minisode 224.5

    Does anyone else think a lot of perfumes smell the same? Like they used to have samples in magazines and it was always nasty and I think they smell like that? I don't like it. I like something fruity or whatever or maybe maybe floral. Something that smells like a thing from nature? Not like, "oh you smell like chemicals"? Anyway, I read something yesterday that bummed me out and I guess I will share with you guys to bum you out to (question mark?). I read something about John Singleton, who died, obviously. And it talked about how he was the youngest person ever nominated for best director for his very first movie (Boyz in the Hood) and then it mentioned his final film was "Abduction". And I was like his first movie got him nominated for an Oscar and his final film was a How Did This Get Made? movie with Taylor Lautner? That's the worst career trajectory I have ever heard of.
  25. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 224.5 - Minisode 224.5

    I like perfume but I like it when it's light and I think (hope?) only I can smell it. It's for me, not other people. I want it to be like other people would have to smell my neck to know. It's a big fear that I have that I'm putting on too much and other people are annoyed or their allergies are triggered.