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  1. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 233.5 - Minisode 233.5

    Thanks for your support, forum Paul. How are you today?
  2. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 233.5 - Minisode 233.5

    As I said in the episode thread, Paul is wrong and Cody is right about the songs being written for the movie. Yet he persists in his incorrect belief on Twitter. They use the name "Swackhammer" which is the name of DeVito's character. I didn't even remember his name until Genius pointed it out. ETA That is my real name, guys. I know you are shocked that my parents didn't Christen me Elektra Boogaloo.
  3. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode #223: Space Jam LIVE!

    In response to the mini-sode, I was glad Cody pointed out the Space Jam song had to be written for the film. The Monstars Anthem also cannot be "by chance." I think the musicians wanted to be part of something associated with Jordan, (and I know, and I wish I didn't, that R Kelly was brought on to write something because he is from Chicago) and would argue at least 75% of my love of the movie has to do with the music.
  4. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode #223: Space Jam LIVE!

    Elektra runs in singing like Bill Murray in the film. Da da da da! I am here to play defense of Space Jam. While there is a lot I cannot defend. There is some stuff I have gripes with. There is a discussion around the 20 minute mark about what a “long road” it is go to to get the Looney Tunes to play basketball. This isn’t really so. It is a reference to street culture in the 90s. I once again point you to this GQ article about the “urban” Looney Tunes. Long quote: Basically, it began as social commentary and parody. I myself had a Tasmanian Devil with his had turned backwards on a shirt. They were often depicted as ballers or holding basketballs. Thus, the genius of the original commercial is to acknowledge the street culture of the era. (And as many noted, the soundtrack rules and is dominated by hip hop and African American artists.) I think the commercial Paul played showed that Warner Brothers wanted to do some kind of nod to the fashion trend. But the inclusion of Michael Jordan, who was returning to basketball, gave it a larger story. He may have “saved them” (loving these discussions about if MJ or Lola is the hero) but it is the Looney Tunes who bring MJ back. And they, therefor, save basketball and the Bulls in particular. Honestly, as a child I knew the film was fiction and not some kind of documentary, but I remember being bummed that the kids in the film aren’t his actual kids. I think the movie makes MJ’s return to basketball some kind of mythological feat, better than the ones of Hercules. And that is why so many people like it. Also, don’t give money to R Kelly but please play the soundtrack. It is so fun. I like the Monstars rap anthem the best. I think it was particularly fun for families who enjoyed rap music but didn’t want their kids to listen to songs about drugs or violence. So this was the music many kids grew up on. And it had some real talent involved, as mentioned above. Parents could feel good about giving their kids Jay-Z, Coolio, Method Man, Busta Rhymes, Barry White, etc. eta: some more random thoughts. I think this was an attempt to make the Looney Tunes cool and relevant again. And I am not certain Moron Mountain is a reference to Six Flags. I always thought it was a dig at Disney because they use the parks to keep the characters in the public eye. Like when is the last time Mickey Mouse had a film? Also I think Marvin the Martian wasn’t the villain because he was quite popular at the time. My sister had a lot of Marvin stuff. He was also referenced in Clueless in that era.
  5. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 232.5 - Minisode 232.5

    Loved this episode until the end. How dare Michael Bay II be Electric Boogaloo. I know it's an obvious pun but I don't support his cause and I hope the "you win" doesn't mean we have given in to this terrorist. Also, how dare Paul insult my beloved SPACE JAM after spending an hour talking about F9. Is it a good movie? No, but it makes me happy. F&F isn't good either! Fight me! And I'm not around next week to defend it. I feel like this date was chosen to spite me.
  6. Elektra Boogaloo

    Prequel to Episode 232

    I may have a solution for Paul's question about why SWINGERS needed Steven Spielberg's permission and MASTER OF DISGUISE didn't. There is specific language in fair use doctrine for parody uses. I imagine MoD would qualify as a parody and SWINGERS would not. Thus I am willing to bet Spielberg had nothing to do with this nonsense.
  7. I had trouble with this episode. It kept repeating or something? Did this happen to anyone else or is my apple podcasts haunted? I worked in a movie theater when this came out. So I saw it in the theater. (Since it was free.) All I really remember was--and I think it was this film--we had a standee in the lobby of the various characters Carvey plays. Usually someone would take those home. No one wanted it so it sat around it the back room for awhile. But in hindsight, I am surprised the studio spent the money to market this. Did they think it was good?
  8. Elektra Boogaloo

    Minisode 230.5

    Nicole Byer has some thoughts about Gemini Man (the multiple Will Smith movie) on "Best Friends" this week if you enjoy her on this podcast.
  9. Elektra Boogaloo

    Minisode 230.5

  10. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 230 - Fateful Findings: LIVE! (w/ Rob Huebel)

    Very excited to hear on the mini that Neil is on board with the four dot ellipsis. When I was younger I was very upset that the Star Wars crawl always uses four dots. And lately I have read some articles trying to defend it (saying it is an ellipsis with a period after it, or it is a reference to serials Lucas watched that had four dots.) Anyway, it seems clear that LucasFilm knows it is wrong now but they keep doing it because that is how it was done in New Hope. Breen should just say it’s Star Wars homage and never fix it. That’s how it’s done, bro. FOUR DOTS!
  11. Elektra Boogaloo

    Episode 230 - Fateful Findings: LIVE! (w/ Rob Huebel)

    If she was 17, can we have someone prosecuted?
  12. If Lily was already a Forsythe, maybe she was actually their mom who they French kissed. I don't know much about prohibition but I'd like to chime in on it being easier than going to Canada (did he walk in the snow all the way there?). My great grandfather was a bartender and then when prohibition hit, his census occupation just changed to "beverages." Sneak level 100.
  13. Taylor, I am so indeed lapsed Catholic. But I also know this from being an English major and studying Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. I thought they did 12 nights of Christmas movies? Or do they have so many it is all the time now? I don't get Hallmark or Lifetime. Tell me everything. They need to make a Murder She Wrote Christmas special! Let's crowd funding it!
  14. 12 Dates of Christmas is on Disney+. I might watch it. A bit scared though. But then I liked (not loved) Noelle and Bad Mom's Christmas so my judgement is suspect.
  15. Yes, my gay (Brooklynite) friend has this cut and when the alt-right started having it too he was very upset. Thanks for the laws on haunted property. I kept wondering why they didn't mention the ghost and charge people MORE to see him. It could have been a tourist attraction. I kept waiting for Kate to suggest this.