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  1. Klausner needs to be a regular guest. On a side note, what are your thoughts on "liking" your own post? Frowned upon?
  2. I always seem to show up right when things are imploding...
  3. [Note to self: find a way to infiltrate this band of weirdos and ultimately live among them like gorillas in the mist.]
  4. NickSpannaus

    Theory CONFIRMED!!

    UPDATE: Sean might be cartoons.
  5. NickSpannaus

    Theory CONFIRMED!!

  6. NickSpannaus

    Theory CONFIRMED!!

    I've had a long-running theory about the show that was finally confirmed. After the transition from Reality Show Show to Hollywood Handbook, it became apparent to me that the characters "Hayes" and "Sean" were hiding something. It's not *immediately* apparent... but--upon multiple listens--they are clearly children dressed up like adults who have been (not entirely convincingly) fooling everybody into thinking they're grown-ups with careers in the TV & film industry. On the most recent episode, Hayes verbally confirmed the theory. I hope this doesn't mean the end of the series is looming. Preferably, this will just become canon lore and the show will continue FOREVER.
  7. NickSpannaus

    CBB + Cracked

    I'd love to hear any of the Cracked guys show up on Comedy Bang Bang... particularly Michael Swaim, Jack O'Brien, and/or Daniel O'Brien. Pleeeease?
  8. What happens to uninteresting and/or racist reality show contestants?
  9. Up until now, I've always told new/potential fans of HH to start with episode #1. But I think this Sharpling ep might be the new ideal entry point.
  10. Instant classic of an episode. Great stuff, Lauren & Paul.
  11. The Cracked Podcast is one of my absolute favorites, but a lot of my fellow Earwolf fans haven't given it a chance yet. Maybe some appearances on other shows by Jack O'Brien, Swaim, or DOB could bring in new listeners. Whad'ya think? I'd love to hear you guys show up on Comedy Bang Bang, Hollywood Handbook, or Professor Blastoff (..I suppose that last suggestion might make the most sense thematically, but they'd all be fun to hear).