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  1. Hey fellow scoop troopers, long time me love you, first time poster. Just wondering whether anyone else has had this experience and if so whether they could advise-- I've spent over $12,000.00 (USD) on HH Pro Versions on eBay but I have never received one yet? (shipping was included w/ price). I am told they are coming in the mail soon but at the rate I'm spending I will probably have to sell my apartment before they get here and I am very worried that they will be delivered to whoever moves in instead of me and then I will not be able to get them and enjoy them and have nice times. And I cannot come back to my apartment to check the mail after I move because that is too much like haunting and that is what ghosts do and it is very scary. Thoughts? Thanks for any help and/or good vibes.
  2. That's part of what makes it so provocative. Are you not provoked?
  3. English is chill. It's the fat cats and robber barons in Big Midsentence-Preposition corporations that have been controlling us all for years. http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/words/ending-sentences-with-prepositions Rise up! (please note my provocative and rebellious preposition placement)
  4. I abandoned my dead grandma at an orphanage if that counts for anything (she was starting to smell and the kids looked hungry)
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    Ehh Wrong (theme audio) ntrwvn

    enjoying this song to an extent that confuses me and makes me think i have to reconsider my taste in music. about 40 of the 60 plays so far are from me, so you're welcome, but also, don't delude yourself into thinking you have 60 fans.
  6. hello these forums seem to have a tremendous amount of backstory and inside jokes and assumed knowledge and you all know each other and are brave enough to show your faces and i am scared to join in because i am worried i am not prepared and you are going to judge me and i will not be able to keep up with you hollywood big-shots so i am posting this post to get over my fear and say that i have posted and now i have officially posted hello (quick question: how many hours per day should i be spending in this forum to be considered a Real Fan And Active Participant? i cannot afford to spend more than 10 hours per weekday or 12 per weekend) now i am going to act like i have always been here. I like PFT (i am using the official abbreviation for Paul F. Tompkins to establish legitimacy and gain your respect), but I do not like Spontaneanation. It is nice, but unfortunately not that fun. I like podcasts that are nice AND fun. I am subscribed anyway though because I like to consider myself a patron of the arts.
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    need help... scary circumstances

    Not sure how to feel about this. I'm starstruck, of course, but I was bluffing about del-eting. I kind of like my post. I think I really learned a lesson about honesty today.
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    need help... scary circumstances

    This looks like it was actually a helpful reply unlike Game of Scones' but unfortunately I got too spooked when I got to the word skellington and I could not finish reading it. All I know is your name means stealing and you spooked me and I do not want you anywhere near my Pro Version but thank you for your reply.
  9. jony2011

    need help... scary circumstances

    I agree and would del-ete without del-ay if there were a way, but there doesn't seem to be an option? Maybe we can del-egate this task to Sam? Anyway, I apologize for my poor attempt at humor. I was excited to get involved in the forum but I'm from a bullshit state where we don't learn being funny and I guess I del-uded myself. I will try to del-iver more creative content and to avoid del-inquent behavior as I del-ve in the forums.
  10. Hello, my name is Scott Aukerman, and welcome to another episode of Comedy Bang Bang, the TV show.
  11. A real comedy bang bang banger, if I do say so myself. https://soundcloud.c.../plug-said-fred