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  1. Terrorist Wittels

    Public Domain - Cut It Out Cut

    Just erase the whole thing LOL
  2. Terrorist Wittels

    Episode 323 — Pie Quiz with Tears for Fears

    Pie Emperor?
  3. Terrorist Wittels

    Best of 2014: Stump for favorite episodes here!

    AGREED Benny Shwaz MVP
  4. Terrorist Wittels

    I wonder if we will hear...

    todds the best i cant wait hahaa
  5. earwolf gonna be pushing all the boundaries for podcasting when it comes to keeping it fresh and interesting. This format is epic and the first ep was unreal. two of the most podcast'd peoples come together and you can hear the epicness in the running jokes get better and better as they play off each other more and more
  6. Terrorist Wittels

    Episode 28 — The Hooray Show

    Hell yeah! Fantastic
  7. Terrorist Wittels

    Episode 207 — Grown Ups 2 Causes Terrorism

    LOL when jimmy talks about his son it kills me, CONTROL Z? HE KNEW IT!
  8. Terrorist Wittels

    Episode 322 — YouTube Phenomahna

    I love when Scott twists peoples thoughts into something so tangental, scott really turns tim-esque when he gets snappy, its awesome but if anything, i think seth went hard in brick walling him. the give and no take seemed utterly hilarious to me, it worked so well because seth played perfectly oblivious to scotts intentions I think thats just because seth and scott play so well together in that dynamic between scott and bob that its weird on a less personal level such as with this character
  9. Terrorist Wittels

    Episode 204 — Tijuana Skin Grafts

    that seals it, now that bob's back with a vengeance and hurt back, this podcasts is quickly becoming my faaaavourite. i know jon daly called him second best morris... but i think he's tied with brett at #1
  10. Terrorist Wittels

    Dream Analyze Phish Guests

    benny shwaz and horatio sanz dont ask me what theyd contribute phish-wise, but theyre godly together
  11. oh good, wont have to shake up my routine too much
  12. Terrorist Wittels

    Episode 285 — Solo Bolo

    every podcast ben shwartz touches turns to gold makes sense one with just him and scott would be one of the best ive ever heard out of hundreds of CBBs listened to, this stands as top 10 of ALL TIME for me. need more or this. seems like you two are pretty much best friends anyways afterwards
  13. Terrorist Wittels

    Cake Boss arrested in NYC!

    hope this doesnt impact his show and by this i mean his CBB appearances. i bet scott aukserman will be most upset
  14. Terrorist Wittels

    Best of 2014: Stump for favorite episodes here!

    If theres no Ben Shwartz on this list I will end myself Solo Bolo needs to be #1 - ive never heard scott more on his feet with random hilarious shit also, that one guy way up there on the first page is right - Sanz + Shwartz could run the comedy world. The two together.... yes. im never getting lost in LA again