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  1. How is that different from what your father did or this woman's ex-husband did? I didn't imagine I would go on the Earwolf forums and see someone defend child molestation today... This woman was married to a monster. No one, not even a person who at a young age experienced "loving touches", as you put it,can defend him in a meaningful way. You have the right to make whatever you want out of your situation, but it is a lot more black and white than you put it. Engaging in sexual relationships with children is wrong.
  2. We'll get there someday, don't worry. We will cross that off our life goals. In MLB news, the Kansas City Royals lead the American League Central Division with a 7-0 record, one game ahead of Detroit. They remain the only unbeaten team having completed 2 series sweeps against the Chicago White Sox and the Anaheim Angels. Coming off a 12-3 win against the Minnesota Twins during the Twins home opener, the series continues tomorrow night, 8:10 Eastern, at Target Field in Minneapolis, and another game Thursday at 12:10 PM Eastern. Friday the Royals return home to face the Oakland A's who stand at 4-4, leading the AL West Division. This will be Billy Butler's return to Kauffman Stadium, who served the Royals from 2007-2014. The Royals parted ways after Butler had a career low .271 batting average. Billy will receive his American League Championship ring before the game. This has been an MLB update, Kansas City Royals version, provided by Introcourse, baseballing fan.
  3. Netflix believes me to enjoy Quirky Independent Emotional Comedies Featuring a Strong Female Lead and Talking-Animal Animation. Hopefully there is a movie out there combining both these genres.
  4. Kumail turned my Xbox One on when he said "Xbox One". He didn't even know what a computer was, why did he do that to me?
  5. Introcourse

    Episode 71 — Nicole Byer, Our Close Friend

    Sweet, we should play Co-Op Majora's Mask. My gamertag is SweetRadicalNerdComicBooks69
  6. Introcourse

    Oh, you drunks.

    Pitchers and catchers reported a few days ago, but the full squads report some time this week. Hayes should walk on, no team would dare turn him away. Major League Hollywood Guy to Major League Sport Guy is a nice transition.
  7. Introcourse

    Episode 71 — Nicole Byer, Our Close Friend

    Here is a playlist of all of Harris' foam corner: http://goo.gl/gGNC41
  8. Introcourse

    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

    As an alcoholic and drug addict approaching 2 years of sobriety, I always wanted to let Harris know in some way how much I admired him trying to get the help he needed and seemed to want. He is far from the last to die from addiction, proving how hard of a struggle it is, and I wish he could have won. He will always be one of my favorite guests on podcasts, and one of the best comedy writers. His cameos in Parks and Recreation consistently made me laugh. He will be missed but not forgotten.
  9. Completely agree. I find it interesting how well Hayes can play black without seeming even the slightest bit ethnocentric. Clearly being a nerd has allowed him to find compassion for all people. Nerds has been degraded in the past, and it is good to see that despite their widespread praise and coolness these days, they have not forgotten the struggle they once went through.
  10. Introcourse

    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    I don't know if you guys heard, but they played Riddle Us These on The Comedy Show this week. Word must be getting around that Sean and Hayes played it recently, and everyone wants to capitalize on their cool.
  11. Introcourse

    Episode 61 — Pauly Shore, Our Close Friend

    Dear Brett, I just watched the Skelington Twins with Bill Heder and Christian Wigg. It was not scary. Who is your favorite Sklar?
  12. I really thought they would come to Lincoln, NE and play at our fairly new arena. I want to see them, but the closest seems to be Chicago. I'd much rather go to Kansas City in the summer, though.
  13. Welcome to the final episode of Comedy Bang Bang!
  14. Deerhoof'so new album was awesome, like all of theirs. They are the best band I've seen live.