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Boyz N the Hood meets Tales from the Crypt in this alternately horrific, funny, and socially conscious anthology film. The four grim vignettes are framed by the tale of three street hoods who break into Mr. Simm's inner-city funeral home to find a stash of drugs. The mortician puts them off, by telling them a few eerie stories about his "patrons."


I won't lie I F****** love Clarence Williams III performance in this movie.

Moments like ''-We shoot them real good with embaulming fluid mainly. You know it keeps them from *breathes in* smelling.'' or just ''The SHIT!?!?'' really makes you appreciate an actor of his caliber.

The rest is pretty much straight up garbage and I loved it.


Here is the whole movie, enjoy folks!

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I loved this movie for the unique twist on the horror anthology, which is one of my favorite niches in horror movies. I was especially surprised at how well David Allen Grier played a villain when he was only doing comedic roles at that time. The twist wasn't too surprising about the three gang members, but I was surprised by Clarence Williams role in the whole thing.

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Just rediscovered one of my favorite childhood movies. So much social commentary and metaphors spelled out for ya. It's so bad, but so good.

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I'm a huge fan of this movie, it is pretty insane though. This was the first time I saw David Allen Grier play a villian and it was really jarring.

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