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bummer dude

Improv for Humans promoted on bizarre anti-semitic website

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Can't remember what I was looking up, but I came across this weird/terrible anti-semitic website that happened to be advertising/promoting/noting that improv for humans was going to be in Virginia. There's not really any context, it just quotes the Huffington Post interview with Besser.


Anyway here's the site: [link deleted] Pretty weird.

Edited by Dan Engler

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The site in question republishes content from other sites (in this case, an entire Huffington Post article) without permission, in order to attract errant Google searches, with the ultimate goal of inflating their ad views and their Google PageRank. This is only marginally better than the antisemitic garbage they also happen to peddle.


Rather than playing into their hands by giving them more traffic, I've removed the link from your post.

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