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Professor Blastoff Tour

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I just saw the PBO tour at the Bell House in Brooklyn last night. AWESOME!!! I saw the gang the first time they did a live podcast from NYC and this one was even better.


To any Blastronauts out there, make every effort to come out to see them. There is a great Q&A with Tig and super-funny stand-up from all of the guys (and girl). The best part may be the live podcast where you feel like you are down in the hatch with your best friends.


After the show everyone was so nice and signed autographs and took pictures. I cannot recommend this show enough. I got to meet a number of Blastronaut friends who traveled from as far away as Colorado to be at the NYC show!!! It was the best time I have had in ages.


My daughter even got a special birthday wish (Happy Birthday, Dan) from Tig!!!!!


Get your tickets NOW!!!!

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i agree wholeheartedly with mr yates. i was there last night too and had a tremendous amount of fun. the pulit surprise winning guest did sound like the wagonini guy and more so when he was self conscious about it. the live show captured all the great elements of the podcast but added the energy of the crowd who all seemed to love the hatchmates. these people have amazing chemistry and it evident when they are all on stage together. if i had more time/money i would have gone to more shows.


i was on the other other side of the room and i am a pussy so i didnt go up to ask this question, which has been on my mind for several months now, so i will ask it here.


is it fair to pretend aaron is a doctor? i think i speak for all of us who have been pretending to bust our butts in pretend medical school for the last 8 years and still haven't gotten our pretend M.D. what the hell am i supposed to tell my pretend wife who's been pretending to support us while i get my pretend degree?


me and my pretend marriage thank you.

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