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Episode 219 — Farts and Procreation 3

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I think the best rule of thumb on any message board (regardless of the content of your comment) is Wheaton's Law.




It's just not that hard.*



*That's what she said

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Me too. She went full-on maniacal for a minute at the idea of slaughtering her friend, and REALLY wanted a response. I'd be willing to wager she was the world's most irritating little sister.

She has a strange love for violent murder scenarios, go listen to her episodes on Pete Holmes' podcast.

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I'm a long time listerner and only posted a little negativity becasue I was so suprised that there were so many extremely positive posts for what I thought to be a lackluster episode.


I think that forums should be a place of democracy and I felt that I couldn't be the only one that really didn't like this episode.


Being overly positive over every episode only serves to devalue the really great episodes that are really deserving of extreme praise (like any of the episodes with Huell Howser, Jesse Ventura, or Little Gary)


Love the show in general and love to put smiley faces at the end of sentences. :D

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Just echoing a bunch of others to say that I love that this episode happened. The first one may still be hard to top, but each additional Farts & Pro episode has had some moments that just killed me. And I think I kind of had a different 'favorite' guest with each one: Harris in the first, Adam in the second, and Chelsea in the third (I thought the wolf charac + her murder fantasies were hilarious). And, of course, Scott is fantastic in all of them. (Also also: "She shit her pants??" pops into my head all the time now.) I think the whole group is super fun to listen to just talking about anything. Love it whenever it happens. I'd really enjoy hearing another one, but it's already great just having these in existence.

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