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Episode 151.5 — Sklarbro County 56

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The super fast and quick witted Doug Benson takes his spot controlling the steering wheel that is Sklarbro County! Doug gives us the low down on his recent food podcast “Dining With Doug and Karen,” tells us how he’s a good samaritan, and shares his problems with 3-D movies. Dan Van Kirk also brings us some insane stories that include; an Albuquerque man who crashes her car while driving drunk & having sex, Florida women arrested in a “bucket list” theft at Walmart, and a tale of misguided love full of nudity & tasing. Plus, Mark Wahlberg drops by to recommend Doug a category for the Leonard Maltin game, talk about his involvement with Tim Tebow, and explain why he’s trying to get to a Tom Hanks level.

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Hey Guys!


About no one shoplifting at Walmart because of all the cameras---THAT does not a difference. My local news has covered, in the past, about people simply walking out with large flat screen tvs or pushng a cart full of merchandise without paying. Also, my parents arrived at a Walmart about the same time a shoplifter left and there was a crowd of employees standing outside of one of the entrances trying to look for them! No cops or security anywhere! :blink:


Yours Truly,

Chester Van Klineburg

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I was born in Ocala, FL, lived there 20+ years, and have no doubt been in that Wal-Mart numerous times, so that story cracked me up. I would have to say that a resident having that on their bucket list seems pretty appropriate - myself, I never got that ambitious while living there, but it WAS called "SLOWcala"

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