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Larger Than Life (1996)

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Bill Murray inherits an elephant from his estranged circus clown father. He tries to sell it or give it away, but has to transport it from the East Coast to the West Coast. There's really no plot besides that.


Features 1 1/2 minutes of a super bitchy, annoying Jeanine Garafalo as a conservationist and a manic, embarrassing coke/meth/crack binge performance by Matthew McConaughey as a truck driver. Bill looks honestly pissed off and miserable (not Rushmore-acting-miserable, more Oh-God-what-have-I-done miserable).


The budget was $30 million and box office was $8 million. There are a few good laughs and it's watchable.

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It also stars Linda Fiorentino as the sexy animal trainer who is looking to keep the elephant from Murray, and was the second film that Murray and director Howard Franklin collaborated together, the first was Quick Change back in 1990.

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Didnt this and Operation Dumbo Drop come out like really close together?


They did get released a year apart and oddly enough, the elephant from this movie was also the same one from Operation Dumbo Drop!

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