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Holy Man (1998)

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Sitting pretty at 12% on Rotten Tomatoes, HOLY MAN is a huge waste of time starring Jeff Goldblum, Eddie Murphy, Kelly Preston and Robert Loggia just to name a few.


Most of the movie is just moving Eddie Murphy to one scene after another to do some outrageous "comedy" as a "spiritualist" (I guess?!?) named "G" who saves lives and saves dollars on the Home Shopping Network.


Utter garbage! Check out the immensely unfunny trailer:



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It also has Morgan Fairchild's face being electrocuted by Eddie Murphy while on the air.



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Oh man, I knew I had forgotten about one... Right! Eddie Murphy is terrible in this, and downright unlikeable at times. His obviously-meant-to-be-funny antics quite often have a somewhat sinister undertone, like the face electrocution.


On the whole, the comedy is Love Guru level bad, if a lot less gross out and sexual. One of those strange movies where the premise seems sound, but it doesn't come together.


The best thing about this is Jeff Goldblum, who is his usual great self.

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