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Episode 172 — Eight Year Old Torsos

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Actor, comedian, podcaster Bryan Callen is confidence personified and isn’t hesitant to punch waterfalls on today’s Sklarbro Country! Bryan takes us through his incredibly interesting life by telling us about growing up overseas, getting knocked while Tae Kwon Do sparring, how his longtime friend David Blaine helped him audition and get on MaDtv, and taking part in a orgy. Finally, after a round of Quick Hits, Tim Gunn graces us with his presence to give us his take on bullying. Make sure to join the Sklar Bros tonight (Friday, November 8th) in St. Louis, MO and for their one-hour special tapings (Saturday, February 22nd) at the Majestic Theatre in Madison, WI.

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Very fun episode. Callen's mix of guy-who's-read-every-book and guy-who's-done-every-push-up always entertains.

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