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Episode 63 — Donate Your Car Today

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I have listened to the first 15 minutes of this at least a dozen times over the weekend. Dave's confusion at the KIDS and why they need the KARS is almost as wonderful as Bread & Butter.

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Listening to this ep of The Fogelnest Files and re-listening to the Halloween III ep of 'How Did This Get Made' has now melded the 'Kars 4 Kids' jingle and the Shamrock mask song in my head.


"Four may days til Kars 4 Kids. Kars 4 Kids. Kars 4 Kids. Four more days til Kars 4 Kids - donate your car today!"

*falls over, head oozing snakes and bugs and shit*

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I like to imagine that at the same time this was taping in New York, scheduled guest Tom Scharpling was in LA running casting auditions for Toilet Dad 2, letting phony actors believe they had gotten the role, only to figuratively pull the rug out from under them at the peak of their excitement while reminding them of the time they thought Tom wasn't good enough!

Sorry, I guess I'm just excited for the Christmas Day 2014 premiere, and for 2017 when the Toilet Dad 1, 2 & 3 blu-ray box set "No Refunds" comes out in novelty toilet seat packaging.

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