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Episode 111 - Six Inch Witch

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Did we ever find out what happened with these collectable cards? I guess it's only been a few months so maybe they're not finalized or whatever.

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Oh my god, fuck this Doug Levinson guy.




Invoking 9/11.


Sanctimonious asshole.


What a miserable little man. You can't treat people like that. Who the fuck is HE. His website is shit, his photographs are fucking amateur. Where is someone to yell at him and bully him for his shitty art?


Don't fucking validate this dude. He is the epitome of a nobody who thinks he is somebody. I don't care how bad that trumpet guys music was, there's no justification for his stubby little rage. :angry:


EDIT: I should probably add something beyond my own little man rant. Really enjoyed the rest of the episode, (once we got over the phone call hump), and congrats on being immortalized in trading card form!


EDIT EDIT: I hope those uggo acquaintances of the teen intern didn't/don't listen to this one!


EDIT EDIT EDIT: Did a shirt or whatever get attached to some of those cards? All the ones I saw online just seemed to be plain pictures.

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