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Summah Setbacks

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Have a problem that's bummin' out your Summah? Post it here and let the chartists help you out. We'll commiserate, we'll give advice, we'll put you back in the Summah spirit!

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Summah setback, oof! My Summah setback has'm good ending.

Just as Summah was starting, I found out I had cancer. I'm lucky. My tumor, although big, had not spread, and was operable.

The surgery was performed robotically, lasted four hours, and they had to take part of my kidney. Spent 3.5 days in the hospital.


1) I got in early on the "Have a Summah" t-shirts, and wore mine on the morning of surgery.

2) One month to the day, I wore the same shirt to a beach race.


So I had my setback, and it's all behind me.


Hopefully that's not too much a bummer. If so, we can use my 2nd setback:

A belt broke on my car, and I didn't have A/C. I live in Florida, and no A/C is a SERIOUS setback! :)


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^ Wow! That is quite a setback, but I am so happy to hear that it is behind you. I think the best possible response to this setback was running in a beach race. Good job! Let the salty breeze power and energize you. Let Poseidon's powerful waves give you strength. :)


I hope your A/C gets fixed soon!! Don't let the humidity get you down.

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