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I really like the episodes where Besser brings in people outside the UCB family.

Todd Glass, recently Paul F. Tompkins


It makes for interesting improv to have someone from a different comedy background, and it also follows a more traditional model of podcasting (to bring a guest into the realm of host and parameters of the show).

I hope they continue to do shows like this, it really highlights the improvisors' adaptability with hilarious outcomes.


I told Besser this in person when I met him in 2012 while touring with CBB. I suggested he should have Greg Proops on, because I thought it would be interesting to hear two old school comedy stoners to talk about improv from different perspectives, and share in the common thread that is podcast comedy.

I know it's unlikely since Besser already unleashed his screed against the two types of improv confusion... but


what do you think about having guests outside the improv community?

would you listen to episodes that were more akin to a pre-existing UCB show like Snowpants?

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