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This movie just came out in theatres and oh boy, it was bad. There were a lot of (nonsensical) (unrelated) plots happening on top of each other, mediocre actings, and factually incorrect statements being made about the internet. I feel like it's the kind of movie that June would love and Jason would really hate. It would make for a great episode.


I mean, man. It was bad.

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I think they were going with a Crash meets the internet kind of movie hitting on all of the go-to topics of the moment with everything online, but they couldn't tie it all together. What's worse is that this movie is tanking HARD at the box office. The article I read said it opened in 17 theaters making about 3 grand a theater, in comparison to Birdman which opened in 4 and made over 100 grand per theater on average. It's now being ranked as the fifth lowest grossing movie released in 600+ theaters. Another case of Adam Sandler trying to play it serious and tanking at the box office.

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