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Starring Marissa Tomei, Keanu Reeves and James Spader.


PLEASE do this one! You will have fun lol. I actually kind of enjoyed this film for what it is, haven't seen it in years and I'd like to try to watch it again soon. But this is definitely a good candidate. It's a bit ridiculous.


Has anyone else seen this? If not you totally should!

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Keanu himself didn't want to do this film because a friend of his forged his signature on a contract, and he eventually bashed it immediately after it came out.

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What?? Seriously? I didn't know that, wow. Honestly I kind of liked some of the film, but of course it wasn't the best. I would think maybe the guys would like to review it.

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It's sooooo bad.

I think. Maybe. I've seen this movie 5...6 times, and I couldn't tell you what the fuck happens.


I'm watching it right now and I still can't make sense of it.



Awful black and white, grainy shots at a cemetery.

So. Much. Slo. Mo.

Echoing voice over.

Keanu Reeves acting the fuck out of this.


James Spader is the suuuuuuper jaded detective targeted my Reeves' oddly cadenced serial killer. Marisa Tomei is Spader's therapist. She deserves so much better.


In the opening credits we hear Rob Zombie's Dragula(SO much late 90's/early 2000's music)as we see Reeves' character dance in jerky slo mo. At one point he crouches and holds a devil horns pose. Because he's a crazy person.

The devil horns make that obvious.



Jesus Christ.


Anyway, there's a wealth of fuckery here.

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