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Thunder in Paradise

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This falls into the "I can't believe there isn't already a topic on this" category. Anyone remember in the mid-90s when Hulk Hogan had a show that was like Knight Rider with a boat? Well it had a couple of made for TV movies in addition to the individual episodes (I know this because I got a DVD of it for my brother for a joke gift many years ago). One of the films is available online in its entirety:


If you skip to about the 25 minute mark there is a really lovely interaction between Hulk and a little girl where he pulls a necklace out of the belly of a shark and puts it on her and then parasails with her attached to him while he wears a speedo.

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This also had a video game, btw. For the Phillips-CDI, its an FMV on rails shooter, where you play a dumpy kid wearing all the 90s, including a giant vr headset and running around with a laser pistol shooting apparently virtual bad guys who appear to be sentient man-shaped blobs of pudding.


Its apparently based on one of the episodes, where an android gets hijacked and does...I dont know, it mostly wanders around I guess.

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