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PLEASE do this one! It has Ray Wise in it, I saw it months ago and omg, it was just bad. Great concept but the acting just completes it, the acting was horrible. Very fun to watch!

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They could get him on the show as paul has worked with him on many projects but I dare have to say it. there is no such thing as a bad Ray Wise movie. he's always an outstanding actor in everything he's does. even if the film sucks he is still entertaining. I just find myself renting any movie I see with his name in it in.


I just watched "

" it was great.


Suburban Gothic (2014) is another one that was good, not as great but he was good in it.


just thinking about movies he's done in the last year or so that I've seen.

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Yea, I think he is a great actor, and I will definitely check out those movies thanks :)... but yea the movie was bad and I will give Ray Wise credit, he really did good with what he had. Everything else about it was just meh

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