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EPISODE 231 — Slow Dance Party

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It's so frustrating when he almost finishes a sentence/thought, then remembers his timid mumbly schtick and grinds to a halt.



Sorry to isolate your quote, but this is how I feel about Armen. I do like him, but find this frustrating, and it was even more frustrating on Twooch. I feel horrible for his loss, but it's like watching Lost or something, it's a tremendously slow leak of information, with nothing to show for at the end.

It kind of strikes me as he's stuck between gears or something. Also: sorry for bumping this thread a week later than the ep, I'm just now reading this shitshow lol.

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I'm rarely compelled to post, but I felt it necessary this time. I'm a semi-regular listener, but I do enjoy listening to Armen completely. I find his personality very endearing and don't actually understand the hate.


Sometimes we listeners feel it is our duty to express our "inconsequential" feelings about the people involved making this absolutely 100% free "just for the love of the game" podcast. Fact is, when you post these less than constructive criticisms, there are consequences. Namely, other listeners like myself are less apt to come back and spend time with you all (i.e. Team Shariq). Even worse if some genuinely nice host, guest, or guest host comes to see how we enjoyed their effort.


You definitely have the right to act like an ass and we definitely have the right to not want to be associated with you.


Amen you are the man. Kulap and June are gorgeous both inside and out.


And I was also playing video games while listening. (I love them, but I definitely wouldn't play them around potential buyers...I actually agree with her sentiment unfortunately)

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