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HTGM Question

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OK I am wicked new to this so if I mess up please forgive... so I was just introduced to your pod cast and listened to every episode in 3 weeks while building my first commissioned bar (will send pics when I figure out how.. and will mail you check for your part in making it) .. any who, I am about to move/ drive from NYC to Seattle (Leaving my 9 yrs of wine and spirits to start a woodworking business) and am in need of stuff to listen to.. I have saved serial as everyone raves about it and gone threw all the radio lab on stitcher.. please Paul, and fans, in your infinite wisdom help me find a good group of podcasts to listen to.



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Comedy Bang Bang


Improv 4 Humans

Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project

With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus

The Hooray Show



Thrilling Adventure Hour

StarTalk Radio

The Joe Rogan Experience


If you like HDTGM then there's a good chance you'll like some of the podcasts on Earwolf's sister website, Wolfpop. The Blacklist Table Reads, I Was There Too, Happy Sad Confused, and a few others.

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