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EPISODE 123 - Lifeforce

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Just recently saw this for the first time in 20 years.


Wow I forgot just how much of a DRAG the 2nd act was. 1st act has naked Mathilda May and crazy energy ghouls. 3rd act has tons of crazy energy ghouls and naked Mathilda May again.


The 2nd act has neither. Worse, it's all just exposition dumps by the 2 scientists talking to the astronaut. All the information they dump in the dull 2nd act was mostly stuff we already knew from the space ship scenes, and the ones that weren't could have easily taken place on the space ship's return flight which would have been way more interesting than 3 guys chatting on a helicopter and a hospital office.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre is still a brilliant movie. The use of sound in it is incredible. It's a constant attack on your brain. It wears you down. By the time you get to the business end of the movie you're shoulders are in your ears you're so tense. It heightens the madness of what's on screen so much that you're almost begging for it to end. And when it's over you're exhausted. Not many directors achieved that but Tobe Hooper did it on his 3rd movie when he was 31!!!


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