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The Blood of Heroes (1989)

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"...from the author of Blade Runner and Ladyhawke..."



one of my favourite movies of all time (not kidding), this low budget post-apocalyptic sci-fi schlock features The Great Rutger Hauer (TGRH for short) and Joan Chen of Twin Peaks fame. The movie centers around a supposedly wild and brutal game - think weaponized basketball. Our heroes are a wastleland-travelling team of "Juggers", fighting for fame - and room and board.


Will things turn around when Joan Chen joins the team as the new runner after a match in her home village that sees TGRHs runner injured? Will they make their way into the League, where the wealthy heap luxuries upon the best Juggers? Or will TGRHs dark past in one of the Nine Cities prevent them from getting there?


This movie is straight up awesome, but also such a low budget affair that you can find enough fodder for the show. The game is both well- and ill-done at the same time, there are tons of cliches, Joan Chen must have spent lots of time in ADR from how she sounds, and Rutger Hauer does what he does best.


Do this one.

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I second this movie.


Foremost it has Rutger Hauer. and a young Vincent D'onofrio.


Plus its a post apocalyptic sport. I actually love this movie because at the end it gives me the same chills I get as when I watch footage of the Miracle on Ice.


Its so well done but not well done.


It has a dog skulls.



Gladiatorial events.


Dog boy!



Also in germany there is a real sport played based on the gme https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jugger


So please, take a look at this,

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DO I have to send my VHS copy for this movie to be watched?


It is the one of the movie that gives me spine chills when the underdog plays, like the

actual Miracle on Ice in Lake Placid, Winter olympics, 1980 USA over USSR.


It is post apocalyptic, and it is about honor and has created a sport https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jugger

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Quotes like this from Rutger Hauer:

" Two Juggers can't fuck after the game. It doesn't work. Unless you like to rub wounds against wounds."


"This is stupid. We should be fucking and drinking by now."




Dog skulls

old men throwing rocks to keep time

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I feel like I have seen this movie but under another title? It certainly sounds great, anything with Rutger Hauer should be on HDTGM. Including Blade Runner!

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