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Episode 68 — Live from LA it's Comedy Bang Bang!

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Sometimes Comedy Bang Bang gets serious, and today is the case when Scott finally breaks down the all-important question on everyone's mind: What is Fred Armisen's ethnic makeup? Buuut seriously folks, Scott and Fred discuss the aspects of Saturday Night Live (or Sanightli as most people know it) that nerds out there want to know, from what it's like to be a newcomer to just how Bill Hader perfects those impressions. After a quick music break by Trainwreck, Howard Kremer teaches us how to have a summah and Fred Armisen announces his and Carrie Brownstein's upcoming program Portlandia. Would You Rather, Plugs, music, comedy, and other things, what more could you want???

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FUCK! The fucking show doesn't load all the way. FUCK! ...fuck

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Oh my god, everything Howard is in is magic.


Scott: What else can someone do in the summer?


Howard: How about Summah Survellience.


Scott: What do you mean by that.


Howard: You watch somebody else from afar, and you see if they're havin' a summah


Scott: Do you think Aladdin ever watched somebody else from Jafar?

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The Barenaked Ladies were famous for "One Week" ... IT'S BEEN...



a legend is born

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